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Scriptural information on a variety of topics

Explore scriptural facts subject by subject in our easy to read booklets, magazines, and newsletters. Informative, analytical content underscore topics of interest to make scriptural awareness relevant. Building foundational knowledge, prophetic insight, and improved lifestyle through the Holy Writings has never been easier.

Authoritative, enlightening scriptural literature makes the difference

Books that reflect years of biblical study with a line upon line approach to understanding the Holy Scriptures await the eager student at all levels of learning. If cross-referencing know-how, deeper understanding of the Holy Word, and knowing Yahweh’s Plan for humanity top your list, then our books will meet all your study needs.

Our knowledgeable teachers combine viewing with learning in meaningful way

Providing multimedia venues to increase learning is a win/win combo for our viewing audience. Up-to-date teaching via weekly live stream or a systematic study through our extensive archive will establish a broad base of scriptural knowledge for dedicated bible students of all ages. Online viewing is the next best thing to being there.




Read the 02-2019 Issue
It’s all about oil – how to take it, control it, and sell it. and see you do not hurt the oil and the wine. Revelation 6:6. The prophecy concerning trouble in the fourth part of the earth around the great River Euphrates is in action now….


Live every Sabbath

Watch Sermons Keep The Seventh Day Sabbath With Us.Thanks to modern technology that the Prophet Daniyl prophesied of for our time in history, it is now possible to attend a Sabbath Service that reflects the Law of Yahweh in every possible way. From a trumpet call to attend, the lighting of the Seven-Lamp-Lampstand, placement of the current Ark of Yahweh, the rising incense of prayer, to the enlightening teaching of the Law and the Prophets by the Last Days’ Witness, Yisrayl Hawkins, services via live stream welcome one and all to join the Family of Yahweh in reverence to Yahweh.


Come To Yahweh's Feast

Read the 02-2019 Issue
The Nations Are Angry And Yahweh Invites You To His Feast.
In this generation of the Two Witnesses Yahweh shows you some world events that He foretold thousands of years before that generation – in order that you might believe and trust His Written Word…


The Book of Yahweh

Read MoreThe Most Accurate Translation Available.Most bible translations today are spin offs the KJV – not so with The Book of Yahweh, The Holy Scriptures. Now in its tenth edition, The Book of Yahweh is a restored work that provides the reader with the rightful Names of Yahweh and His Son Yahshua, it also corrects well known and not so well known transliteration errors that take away Yahweh’s Great Plan for mankind. Well supported with footnotes, side references, commentaries and complete bibliography, The Book of Yahweh is a must have for avid bible readers, collectors and all people who long for a better understanding of life, creation, and our Creator, Yahweh. Read more


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THE HOUSE OF YAHWEH JOYFULLY CELEBRATES returning to the original Tree of Life just as Yahweh always intended. Read about and download YAHWEH’s CALENDAR.


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You, your family and friends. Learn why the Feasts are your shadow of protection…


THE HOUSE OF YAHWEH JOYFULLY CELEBRATES returning to the original Tree of Life just as Yahweh always intended. Read about and download YAHWEH’s CALENDAR.


We have the perfect way for you to keep up with the latest teachings from Yahweh’s Great House!  Now you can listen to the previous week’s sermon so you can remember and understand what Yahweh’s Witness has been teaching us! You can also listen to our HOY INTERNET RADIO STATION –   Click HERE to listen and learn.

Prophecies You Will Soon See, Then You Will Believe .
Where’s The Nuclear Baby?…

My Dear Friends,
I urge you to study this newsletter closely. Study it until you understand these Prophecies and the fact that they were fulfilled. See how Yahweh held back the nuclear baby and the fact that it will be turned loose soon.
The news you will see in this letter did not take place until after our book Birth Of The Nuclear Baby was published. This news proves, without a doubt, that these Prophecies are true and correctly reported. Click HERE TO READ IT NOW!

The Real Cause For Global Warming And Deterioration Of The Ozone, So-Called

Prophecy shows the real cause of its deterioration. You need to study the complete Message to understand why Yahweh gave us Laws that would have prevented what we are now seeing in today’s world news. Click HERE to find the truth


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