Donate and Help Bring Morality to Life

At one time, the Bible delivered on the rights and wrongs of life.

Today, the Bible is more often than not maligned or ridiculed. It may be seen as a great literary contribution, an interesting book not to be taken literally, or simply a book filled with fantastic stories. It is not taken seriously.

At one time, a family could leave their front door unlocked or leave the lawnmower on the front lawn. A person could make a deal with a handshake and did not need lawyers to read pages of fine print. You could trust that your child could walk to school without fear of kidnappers and child molesters. The list goes on…

Today, even our computers are threatened – we need anti-everything protection, our children can’t play outside without some form of supervision, and we dare not leave our cars unlocked for fear of theft and even then, a security alarm system is recommended as locked doors is not enough. The list goes on…

At one time, people held the principles written in the Bible in high esteem.

We need to bring that back.


Your Dollars Can Help

The House of Yahweh is a non-profit organization dedicated to present a morally sound message to the world. Yahweh gave mankind a set of rules to live by and these rules must be taught – consistently – generation after generation. This will not occur without teachers and it will not occur without getting the message out to all people across the globe. The principles within the Holy Scriptures can be taught once again – in fact, even better than before because we have the means to reach all nations like no other time in history.

If we are to stop the spread of violence, crime, sickness, and even environmental issues then we must act now.

Your contribution will go forth to both preach and publish the Great Message of Yahweh, which focuses around the Laws of Yahweh and the prophecies He inspired for our time. Part of that message is to bring The Holy Scriptures back in the lives of the people.

Together, we can bring morality back to individuals, their families, friends, and communities.

Please help today.