You Must Not Steal


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Learn how if this one Law of peace was taught and applied in the lives of all individuals, that untold harm, hurt, misery, destruction and even death could be prevented. You will be surprised to find out exactly what “stealing” entails because this is one of the most overlooked and broken Laws of all those written in the pages of the Holy Scriptures. It would be easy to say that most people do not even know exactly what “stealing” actually is. Find out in this incredible book that will help change your life!

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2 reviews for You Must Not Steal

  1. Bryan Osburn

    I never knew that stealing was so simple and down to the smallest detail. it had went right over my head all these years.

  2. Robert Franza

    In this great book it easily explains and discusses the many forms of stealing that are in our world today and how it negatively effects our society, the individual, our families our communities, and all nations as a whole. It will also show you the benefits that are derived when a society doesn’t steal. Incidently don’t steal is one of the Creators Laws found in the Holy Scriptures. Great information that you can’t do without, if you truly want to have peace in our world.

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