Prophesied nuclear destruction

Mosheh (Moses) may not have known what a firecracker was but he knew something about the devastating effects of a nuclear bomb – he described it perfectly in the twenty-eight chapter of Deuteronomy.

Yahchanan (John), who wrote the Book of Revelation, did not comprehend the splitting of the atom and yet depicted the colors of a nuclear blast – he described it perfectly in the ninth chapter of Revelation

Yahshua Messiah gave warning to His Disciples of what would befall mankind in the time known as the end of the ages – He described the effects of nuclear fallout upon the earth and the heavens perfectly in the twenty-fourth chapter of Mattithyah (Matthew).

Today, most elementary school children could fill in the blanks for Mosheh, Yahchanan and Yahshua on basic science, yet these men still knew far more than most people today – they knew why the nuclear destruction would come upon the earth, what mankind would do to bring about the worst disasters in human history.

Lies do not change the facts

Mosheh, Yahchanan, and Yahshua were men of the Law. They knew and respected the Original Covenant that Yahweh had established between mankind and their Creator, Yahweh – the Covenant that was never done away or nailed to a cross; regardless of the lies, you have been told. Keep My Laws, said Yahweh and you will be blessed. Disregard My Laws and you will be cursed. Breaking of Yahweh’s Laws is sin. Sin is the cause for the Birth of the Nuclear Baby.

What will it take to keep this baby from growing up? What will it take to save our planet from nuclear devastation?

No, hope is not enough

Twenty odd years ago, the end of the Cold War produced a collective sigh of relief throughout much of the world. We wanted the major super powers to put aside their differences, begin the delicate process toward mutual trust, and make determined efforts toward nuclear disarmament. Surely, we were not wrong to hope.

Talk turning nuclear

Today, we are hearing rumors of a new Cold War and the dreaded “nuclear” word has reared itself once again along with the very real threat to “heat” things up dramatically. Headlines and breaking news stories give us cause for alarm. The headlines scream of increasing conflicts, mounting tension, economic woes, frustration, hatred, and mega distrust among nations.

War does not begin with a bomb – it begins with a plan

The Birth of the Nuclear Baby, The Explosion of Sin provides the reader with prophetic insight as well as relevant news articles and events to connect all the dots.

The picture is not pretty but there is a solution

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