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Available Information To Further Your Studies: 

The Prophetic Word, January 2009
The Prophetic Word, October/November 2009
The Prophetic Word, May 2010
The Prophetic Word, June 2010

Also Available… Sermons on MP3
The Institution Named Nimrod That Brings Folly To The World Spoken Of By Yahshua In 
Luke 24:25  – a seven series set of sermons beginning 10/3/2010 and on.

10/03/09-10/11/09 Feast of Tabernacles – 7-sermon series
 The Teachers Of Babylon Who Threatened To Kill Yeremyah 
For Speaking The Laws Of Yahweh Are Now Called Catholics
—Who Came From The Holy Roman Empire

 3/06/10 – 9/04/10 – a 20 set sermon series: Deception
Ongoing series, beginning 3/06/10

And To Further Your Studies Even More…
The Ninth Book of Yisrayl, Part II 2009
Sermons from 2009 transcribed and put into a beautifully bound book.
If you are a teacher, you could teach perfect sermons from this book.

Available here on our websites: or


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