A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

Yahweh created the earth, so He could see His Plan come to completion. That is Yahweh’s purpose and no one, but The House of Yahweh understands this.

The Great Kohan Shaul greatly exhorted Yahweh’s People on this day, to “get serious” about our walk in Yahweh. Stating that we are at the very gate to the Kingdom of Yahweh, and He (Yahweh) is very close to the completion of His Marvelous Plan of Creation.

Therefore, we need to take everything we are taught from Yahweh’s House seriously to show Yahweh where our hearts are before Him. Do we desire the world, or do we want the Kingdom?

The following are but a few of the highlights covered in today’s sermon…

Yahweh’s Plan – represented by the calendar week
• 6,000 years are given to man to go his own way, to do whatever he wants.
• During this same 6,000 period, Yahweh has a working Plan to bring His People through with His Perfect Character to make them into His Image and Likeness
• Yahweh gave Adam and Eve His Laws and instructed them to guard and keep this Way – this was their job and ours today.
• 10/10/2016 will see the end of a sixth year and the beginning of a seventh (sundown, Day of Atonement).
• 1995-1996 was the last Jubilee year that The House of Yahweh celebrated. We are about to enter the 21st year.

Satan’s influence began in the beginning as we see in Genesis Chapter 3
• Her goal is to destroy man, the earth, and the heavens surrounding it.
• She and the original sons, use mankind to accomplish their evil intent, and unbeknownst to mankind, they are carrying out Satan’s objective completely (nuclear bombs say it all).
• Details of Satan’s goals include depopulation, diseases, birth defects, bombs, and so forth.
• See today’s news, and we see Satan’s plans unfolding.

Today’s greatest thinkers have no idea about the way Yahweh created the human mind, nor how it works
• Our minds are subject to vanity, to influences, to a desire to sin.
• Yahweh allows this, because He wants us to choose, as He (Yahweh) chooses, to be Righteous.
• Therefore, Yahweh created us with a desire to sin, but we must overcome it.
• “Do we recognize this desire to sin within ourselves?”
• “Do we fight it, or do we try to make excuses?” “The carnal mind always tries to find a loophole. It’s the enemy within.”
• We cannot lock ourselves away from tests, trials; we cannot escape our lives on earth.
• Understand that our tests and trials benefit us, because they give us an opportunity to choose Righteousness over evil.
• Get the “I” out of our objectives – it’s not just about “me” nor is it about what “I want.”
• We have to learn to put our own selves, our own concepts of right/wrong, and our own desires down.
• We ought to want to prove to Yahweh that we can put ourselves down and prove we can resist sin, thus proving to Yahweh He can trust us.
• No one can do this for us. Yahshua did not die so He has us “covered” leaving us free to do as we please or as we see fit.

Yahweh did not spare the original sons
• He will not spare us either if we do not take this Message seriously or make every effort to overcome all sin.
• The peak of sin is here. Yahshua never said it would be easy; in fact, He said broad is the way to sin and destruction.
• Guarding and Keeping Yahweh’s Way is a Work.

We are the top part of Yahweh’s Family
• Yahweh is pulling us out of this world (not the physical world).
• Yahweh is pulling us out of the mixture.
• Yahweh is pulling us out of the practice of sin and seeking our own way.

Showdown at the “Okie Corral”– between Yahweh’s House and Satan’s Players
• Zecharyah 5:9 reveals what the showdown is all about – separating the way of the world from the Way of Yahweh.
• There could be no showdown without The Standard of Perfect – we must extol, magnify the Laws of Yahweh.
• Ephesians 6:12 reveals whom we wrestle against.
• Righteousness versus evil is being played out at this time in the world but also within our minds, our thoughts.
• Romans 13:2, The Priest comes with authority. Resisting the authority or resentment when corrected is evidence of a showdown-moment occurring within our minds.
• The House of Yahweh magnifies the Laws of Yahweh – we don’t look for loopholes.

Our weapons are not carnal (not guns, swords, etc.) but mighty (the Words of Yahweh)
• II Corinthians 10:4-5 – we can bring every thought under control into obedience as Yahshua.
• Come out of this world – means come out of their teaching … i.e. lack of modest dress is great example.
• Things like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are designed to encourage sin, and the Kohan strongly admonishes its use outside the Work of Yahweh.
• II Kepha 2 shows that Yahweh did not spare the original sons, He will not spare any of us either if we do not put forth effort to overcome all sin.
• Furthermore, are we grieved, as Righteous Lot, when we witness the filthy, conduct of the wicked?
• Can we be genuinely grieved if we partake in the same evil conduct?

Keeping the Sabbath and Honoring the Sabbath Year
• Exodus 23:10-11, Leviticus 25:2 the Amplified Bible expounds and shows that we do not work the land during the Sabbath Year.
• This Law only applies to those of The House of Yahweh today – our own gardens and lands.
• We need to show Yahweh that we love His Laws more than all (awl) else, therefore keeping this Law by allowing the land to rest beginning the day after the Day of Atonement. This proves we are willing to obey Yahweh.
• We must do everything in our power not to work, dig, etc. the land that belongs to House of Yahweh members and the lands of Yahweh.

What the Sabbath Year is not…
• Leviticus 25:39-40 along with side note “b” and Exodus 21:2 shows this does not apply to contractual agreements or vows. Vows cannot be broken.
• These verses apply to a different time, because we, in the Last Days, have agreed to belong to Yahweh’s House through Yahshua’s sacrifice.

In Conclusion, our decisions in the next few weeks will make all the difference in proving to Yahweh that we love His Laws.