A Recap on the Feast of Trumpets at the Great House of Yahweh…

Religions speak of justified wars, but Yahweh, through His House, will teach war no more. On this Feast of Trumpets, we are reminded that The House of Yahweh is The Garden of Eden where there is protection from the horrors yet to come upon the earth.

Son of Yisrayl Abel, Deacon Yeshurun extolled, magnified the benefits of salt as Yisrayl Hawkins has taught us from the Holy Scriptures.

Son of Yisrayl Abel, Deacon Yahaqob gave the title “Go to the Ant/Bee, Consider Their Way, and Be Wise.” He provided us with a list of benefits of Yahweh’s tiny creatures and reminded us that Yahweh’s Plan is to give mankind authority over the things that creep with the instruction that we are to guard and keep Yahweh’s Creation. The website, benefitsofhoney.com presents the importance of bees.

[Note: With bees now listed on the endangered species list, the Deacon’s sermon brings the significance to our attention. See http://www.cnn.com/2016/10/01/us/hawaii-bee-species-endangered/index.html for article.]

The Great Deacon Michayl rehearsed a series of numbers that reveal positive, beneficial meanings that surround The House of Yahweh. Among the numbers are area codes, counties, roads, South Office address, year of specific Feast and Feast ground, P.O. Box, and zip code.

The Great Kohan Benyamin presented a quote from our Teacher, Yisrayl, from a previous Feast of Trumpets celebrating the 7 Works of Yahweh with the Last Trumpeter/Last Lamp showing that Yahweh’s Work would be finished at a set time – and that time is upon us now. Russia’s comment on “tectonic consequences” was not lost on the congregation as the Kohan also presented Southern California earthquake threat (magnitude + 7) in a 2 to 7 day span. The Kashmir crisis between India and Pakistan with Russia and China involvement also underscores the serious times we are living in. In addition, the pope’s lack of popularity at a recent Georgia mass further testifies to Prophecies being fulfilled. “The scepter will not depart from Yahdah until…” Soon we will see this Prophecy fulfilled.

The Great Kohan Yliyah presented the news. The following are a few highlights…
• South Carolina 14-year-old boy shot his father, then drove his father’s truck to a school, and shot three more people.
• The 7-day ceasefire is over in Syria without really getting started.
• Yemeni girl speaks of frustrations of living in war zone.
• 60 Minute Special on 1) the new cold war revealing a mindset on the use of nuclear bombs and 2) Jordan’s King Hussein stating that the Middle East is in WWIII and explains his reasons why the all-out use of bombing is needed to end DASH (ISIS) terrorism.

Our Great Teacher Yisrayl, in response to the push for more bombing to solve Middle East crisis, asks if anyone considers the number of deaths, especially among the children. He gave specific numbers from 2013 – 2015 stating that these numbers are underestimated but nonetheless staggering (124,372, 158,439, and 162,824). Pastor reminds us of the influence the original sons of Hillyl have had upon mankind, beginning with Cain who chose sin over Righteousness and murdered his brother Abel. That same mindset has carried on down to this present time, as we see a total disregard for life in the Middle East.

The House of Yahweh is doing its Work, which is showing the Way of Yahweh from the way of the world (Zecharyah 5). Our friendships in The House of Yahweh are recognized as “working companions”, because we’ve been called to this Work to bring forth the Message of Yahweh. We must realize that whatever job we are given, it is given to us in order to test us, as well as our commitment to Yahweh and His Plan.

We understand that “not being ashamed of the Message” is a commandment from Yahweh, and we have Yahshua as our best example. On this Feast of Trumpets, we celebrate our own memorial of the last trumpet sound to the world, and we most certainly are not ashamed of this Message and the One Sent to deliver it.

Yisrayl also took a few moments to describe the attributes of our Great Father Yahweh. We have several examples from Scripture to help us recognize and appreciate the awesome Mind of Yahweh. Yahweh’s subconscious Mind (which He intends to give His Righteous Family use of theirs) is amazing. Pastor gives us the example of the sparrow. He knows when each one of these, least of the birds, falls to the ground. Furthermore, Scripture attests to His ability to know us before we were born – how many hairs would be on our heads and the exact time of our birth.

Pastor asks us to consider the great mind that Yahweh is offering us and how we should not take our calling for granted. If we keep these facts in mind, it will help us in overcoming sin and enduring through the trials we face.

In Conclusion: Yisrayl encourages us to “grow in Truth and in the Knowledge of Yahweh, and our Savior, Yahshua Messiah.” (II Kepha 3:18). He also reminds us of that bulldog that we ought to mimic in our determination to remain in The House of Yahweh forever.