Without the correct Names, the Names of Yahweh and Yahshua, there is absolutely no Salvation. Therefore, the world needs the Message from The House of Yahweh to set all things right. Then there is an opportunity for life.

Our Great Teacher, Yisrayl Hawkins began his sermon with comments on today’s news events, telling us that we are close to nuclear war as the Prophecies and numbers line up.

With the Day of Atonement and the beginning of a seventh year upon us, Yisrayl admonishes to be prepared and points out he is not referring to shopping trips and forms of entertainment.

On the reliability of Yahweh’s Word, the sixth year has seen a bumper crop for Yahweh’s people. Yahweh said He would bless the sixth year, and He certainly did.

While on the topic of food, Yisrayl gives us a few quick pointers…
• “Pick it fresh!” His mother, knowing that vegetables and fruit quickly lose sugar and salt, taught this to Pastor when he was still a boy.
• A word of advice, do not mix the unclean into your crops and gardens.
• Do not let food such as chicken sit out in the heat. Prepare it and eat it. Fact is, one fly can infect unprotected cooked meat within an hour, and worms will be the evidence.
• The House of Yahweh is building a loose-leaf cookbook with recipes shared from around the world. With so many unique and interesting tried and tested ways to prepare meals, this recipe book is bound to be a welcome addition to everyone’s kitchen. Since it is a loose-leaf project, additional recipes will be added on an ongoing basis.

Reading from Ephesians 1:1-11, Acts 4:1, 6, Hebrews 1:8-10, 13, Yahchanan 5:27, Romans 8:28-29, II Timothy 2:19, II Kepha 2:4, Genesis 49:10-12 and Amosyah 3:7, Yisrayl goes in-depth on Yahweh’s Plan to pre-ordain or prophesy about His people – they will accomplish a great Work. Detailing the “showdown” between Satan’s work and Yahweh’s Work, Yisrayl describes our walk at this time.

Yisrayl also refreshed our memory on Malachi Martin’s exposé in The Keys of This Blood. The plans of the Vatican, who pretend to be that righteous white horse, are to depopulate the earth. Through their efforts to achieve both wealth and destruction, the earth will see devastation through war. Revelation 18:17 depicts the great burning that can take place in an hour’s time.

Pastor also spoke about our High Priest, Yahshua. Although He is High Priest over The House of Yahweh at this time, He has not received His entire office. We are in training, and Yisrayl points out that Yahshua continues to be in training at this time. Soon He will obtain, what He has already qualified for – the Scepter of Righteousness.

In Conclusion, remember to search out the verse with the word “encamp” found in the Book of Zecharyah as Yisrayl suggested. Let us heed his instructions further by feeding our minds on the living Book of Yahweh!