A Recap of Sabbath Services at The Great House of Yahweh…

Many will be purified and made white; this is the Great Gathering taking place at this time, in this Last Generation. Consider, as we may gather a beautiful bouquet of flowers, Yahweh is gathering His People, an eternal beautiful sight before Him.

Girls/Women’s Day

A few highlights from today’s presentation

Comparing the gathering that came out of Egypt
• The Last Days Gathering will be greater than the coming out of Egypt through Mosheh’s Work (Yeremyah 16:14-15)
• This last Gathering started with the Two Witnesses in a land that did not exist (Zecharyah 5:11)
• Mosheh had a team of workers; Yahshua Ben Nun is an example. Today, Yisrayl has many willing servants
• History of Last Gathering with significant dates: 1934, 1962, 1982, 1987, 1993, 1995 and corresponding Scriptures

Two works in this time
• Ministers of darkness – evil gods, against all forms of holiness, wars, death, and destruction; use entertainment to entice to sin; Yahdah carries the scepter at this time (but not the Scepter of Righteousness) to spread unlawful lust, war, murder, etc.
• Ministers of Light – will gather those scattered throughout the earth teaching them Yahweh’s Laws, the forces of darkness will not prevail

Fruits of our labor
• Yahweh planted the seed in each of us for the set time of gathering
• Separating ourselves from the ways of the world – physically and mentally
• Getting involved in the Work; study
• There is a process in order to gather 1) seed planted – wait for calling 2) growth with right conditions – taught by Yisrayl 3) ready to be picked – chosen for specific use 4) prepared for Righteous work – willing to serve, ready to teach 5) presented before Yahweh
• We have great knowledge in basics of life

Setting the right example
• Strive to overcome so we are ready to help the multitude
• Rejoice through our tests/trials knowing Yahweh’s objective is to bring us to Perfection
• Come together in Unity to accomplish the Work of the Great Gathering
• As we work together, we realize that none of us is Perfect, but each of us seeks Righteousness (Philippians 3:12-16)
• Keep the goal in mind – we have been called to Yahweh’s House to learn how to be Teachers of Righteousness

Conclusion: Yahweh’s Plan began in the beginning, reading Genesis 1:26 we see our purpose, and we are training (through obedience) for this position as we overcome all sin.