A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

Yisrayl gives Yahweh’s Teaching to follow; therefore, The House of Yahweh is the Land flowing with milk and honey.

Men’s Presentation

The following are but a few of the day’s highlights…

Yahweh’s People Have Purpose and Our Goals are Set
• Remember to be thankful for what Yahweh is offering at this time and for all Eternity
• Foremost to keep at the forefront of our minds is to seek Yahweh’s Kingdom and His Righteousness
• Tests are for us to learn from to succeed
• Yahweh made us according to His Likeness, and we are to develop His Character in order to fulfill Yahweh’s Plan to give us rulership over His Creation
• We Hold On to Prophecy as Explained by Yisrayl Hawkins, which gives us HOPE
• Learn the Peaceful Solution and put it into action
• We must value the Work of Yahweh as we serve Yahweh
• We put ourselves down in order to build up, edify Yahweh’s House
• Our hearts and minds are freely given over to Yahweh as we adhere to the standards of servitude making our calling and election sure

On the Great Gathering
• The Gathering has begun, and it will continue; testing is part of our walk before Yahweh
• Two billion people – 1,200, 786, and 131 are (Gematria) numbers associated with this two billion and this will be accomplished during the greatest time of trouble
• Our responsibility is to come into unity and to follow the instructions in order to be ready to welcome those of the Great Gathering
• Everything we are learning at this time, via classes, sermons, etc. is in preparation for the greatest Work of all time
• We share what we learn from Yahweh’s House willingly, freely, fully, not sparingly, or grudgingly
• The multitude are of one mind – one belief
• We gather to show forth the Glory of Yahweh, in humility knowing we all suffer hardships; therefore, we’re able to understand the hardships of others
• The Message is going throughout the world through various media formats at this time
• We will teach the multitude, those who turn to Yahweh, the way of life (the Tree of Life)
• Isayah 2:2-4 shows the established House of Yahweh and the Gathering of the multitudes from the nations
• They will learn the Message of Peace when they seek Yahweh’s House; therefore, we prepare for this huge work (It will overshadow the Work of Mosheh)

In Conclusion: We put the needs of others before our own. Yahchanan 15:13: Greater love has no one than this: that one would lay down his life on behalf of his brothers and sisters.