A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

Yahshua is the Son of Man who became the Son of Yahweh through the keeping and teaching of the Laws of Yahweh. He is now High Priest over The House of Yahweh.

Son of Yisrayl Abel, Deacon Buffalo Bill spoke on confusion that abounds throughout the world because of the absence of the Laws of Yahweh. If the world would repent of sin, sickness and war would cease and they would know peace.

Son of Yisrayl Abel, Deacon Yahaqob expounded on the fact that Yahweh uses different people and events to fulfill parts of His Plan. Citing Russian inventors, significant dates and events with corresponding meanings, and recent sightings, Deacon Yahaqob explains, via a number study, that Yahweh is working with and through His House in the Last Days.

The Great Kohan Kepha R. spoke on the Plan of Yahweh, specifically the unity that is part of Yahweh’s Perfect Plan. Isayah 2:3 proves that we come to Yahweh’s House to learn of His Ways. Yahweh gives us the ability to overcome sin as we make right choices. Expounding on how to guard Yahweh’s Way of life, the Kohan cautions on allowing children free use of the Internet (bad company corrupts Righteous character). It would benefit children to be given an education in Righteousness so they can learn to appreciate a peaceful, healthy, way of life. Furthermore, we need to guard our attitudes to keep pride, bitterness, grudges, resentment, and hatred out of our lives.

The Great Kohan Yliyah H. presented the news
• Nixon, Kissinger and the agreement in 1972 (Shanghai Communique) between the US and China, noting comments on “international order”
• Philippines data on pedophilia and sexual misconducts among the Catholic Church
• Calais, France denying food to migrants in efforts to control a near crisis situation
• Details on bioterrorism, population control, and nuclear war threats

The Great Kohan Yisrayl Hawkins began with Daniyl 12:1-4 and the ability to spread information on free food at The House of Yahweh on Sabbaths and the coming Feasts. Also, our articles are reaching the nations, and via social media, many are seeking contact with The House of Yahweh as they gather in their homelands.

Speaking on the Great Gathering and the necessity to plan in advance, Yisrayl read Luke 12:35-38 to explain our duties to serve others, and we should acknowledge all the steps in preparation of food for a gathered people. Some key points today…
• Verse Luke 12:37 on “those servants” Yisrayl tells the congregation that they fulfill this verse. Therefore, we have to keep this information in mind in order to prepare to meet the needs of those to come.
• We acknowledge the real (living) Lamb of Yahweh, our High Priest Yahshua.
• Yahweh will protect those that prepare themselves, and he encourages us to study verses in Luke and compare with Exodus 12 and Deuteronomy 12.
• Yahweh tells us to guard and keep His Way. Abel did this and it is a lesson for us to learn.

World is making plans to depopulate, and this is prophesied to come. Prophecies are sure. (Isayah 14)
Remember, Yahweh will allow this, and Yisrayl cites the lives of the Apostles as an example. Prophesied one- hour burning means there are no winners – no one will “come out on top” even though nations are pushing to be military super-powers at this time.

Revelation 6:1-3 – Yisrayl wants us to understand that this is a complicated Prophecy Yahshua is guiding us to understand. Verse 1, The Lamb (Yahshua) opened the seal…
• Therefore, there has been deception (closed until a set time)
• Yahchanan 3:19 – This is the condemnation (they’ve cut themselves off). Men loved darkness rather than light, because their thoughts/plans are evil. (Consider recent Vatican closed door meetings.)
• Depopulation, planned by Vatican, is prophesied in Revelation 17:1-3, 18 revealing these god worshippers.
• Verse 2 shows war, authority from Satan the devil. (Nimrod school/system of force)
• Verse 3 opening the seals occurs in Last Days. Daniyl 12:1-4 shows Yahweh’s people seeking Righteousness/the Kingdom of Yahweh, first in their lives, which will cause them to fulfill Daniyl’s Prophecy. (Hebrews 10:21, Zecharyah 6:11-13 show the Work of Yahshua and Yisrayl. Yeremyah 23:1 shows the devastation caused by Yahdah down to the seven hills today. Yeremyah 23:3-7 shows Yahweh’s House teaching the nations and their promised deliverance.)

In Conclusion: Bringing forth Judgment and Justice to the earth is the Work of Yahweh’s House in these Last Days. Today, nations are gathering as they learn about Yahweh and His Laws of Life.