The End


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Mankind can no longer afford to continue on their destructive path. Too many nations now possess nuclear weapons that can destroy the world. We must turn to Yahweh and His Laws of Peace now!
All of Daniyl’s prophecies have come to pass, except for the destruction which will end the Seven Year Plan of Peace. This will be the worst time of trouble ever for all nations. We only have a few months left of this Seven Year Plan. It was signed September 13, 1993 and went into effect October 13, 1993. The plan had been inactive – but now…
We have very little time left, before the GREATEST DESTRUCTION EVER in the history of mankind surely comes upon all nations.
This book was written to warn the whole world, leaders and people alike, of what the Bible says is coming upon the world, why it is coming and what can be done to save yourself and your family.

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2 reviews for The End

  1. Bryan Osburn

    This book is so amazing; it opened my eyes to things that I never knew that are taking place right now this vary day. these things were going over my head for years.

  2. Robert Franza

    In this great book it shows through the prophecies as well as in current news on world events that we have very little time left before the greatest destruction ever in the history of mankind comes upon the entire world. This book gives everyone a warning of what the Holy Scriptures says is about to befall us and why it will take place. This book will also give you, the reader a way out to save you and your family. You owe it to yourself and your family to read the words contained in this great book. I stress the urgency! Don’t delay! Don’t wait! You’ll be thankful you took action. A must read!

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