There Is Someone Out There!


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Is there someone or something out there – consult your bible!


People talk about aliens and life beyond our solar system yet many are quick to scoff at the idea that their bible has any meaningful information on the subject.

The truth of the matter is that the Holy Scriptures is the only reliable source we have. Anything else is merely speculation, guesswork, or at best – theories.

Alleged sightings provide the momentum to fuel the ongoing discussion but without actual proof, many reduce the entire argument to hypothetical conjecture or straight up “craziness.”


Yisrayl Hawkins has written a book, which reveals the Holy Scriptures as the documented proof we need 


His book, There is Someone Out There, provides scriptural answers to our questions and more…

 Are we the only beings that inhabit the universe?

 Is there intelligent life somewhere other than Earth?

 How did we come to exist on Earth?

 Is there a purpose to our existence in relation to the universe?

Look up to the heavens, see the vastness that exists beyond our planet, and acknowledge that Yahweh, our Creator, has much more going on than what our life on Earth holds.

Yet, with all that lies beyond our world, the words of the prophets, apostles, and Savior reach us clearly today…

“What is man that You (Yahweh) are mindful of him?”

We are important to Yahweh. We are His Creation. Discover His Plan for all humanity. Obtain your copy today.

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5 reviews for There Is Someone Out There!

  1. Bryan Osburn

    This book as so amazing and to the point about the vastness of the universe and the great ability that every human has within themselves. also how the bible speaks so often about other Beings that live in the universe. this truly went over my head all these years.

  2. Ellen Lee

    The incredible human potential… Clear, easy to read, scientific knowledge backed up by Scripture…. I now understand the purpose of mankind upon the earth and the work we will do for all eternity. No floating on a cloud for me… I want to bring peace to the universe through teaching the Father’s Laws. Blown away by knowledge in this book!

  3. Sierra

    This was the first book I read when I came to The House of Yahweh, and to this day, it is my most loved book. It spans over multiple topics that truly blow your mind with knowledge and wisdom, showcasing how amazing Great Father Yahweh it, whiel also educating you on how wonderfully we are made,a nd the potential we have as human beings, being that we were create din yahweh’s image. Truly this book is a must read, a fantastic “beginners” book to have in your collection to read and re-read for years to come.

  4. Robert Franza

    This book contains the knowledge mankind has sought for thousands of years, never before understood concerning the existence of other beings in our universe. Thie information in this book will give you the proof and evidence of their existence as was as revealing their purpose. This book continues where scientists, educators, astronomers, and theologians leave off. It shows that the universe and everything in it was set in motion and maintained for a reason and the answer is found within the pages of this book. It also tells you how mankind existence began and the reason for mankind existence. Stop settling on theories, you owe it to yourself to add this book to your collection.

  5. Matthew

    This book is an absolute read for anyone who desires to gain more knowledge of our universe. It’s interesting to see that many of the things written in this book are relevant for today’s audience. A simple to read with clear-cut information about the universe and its dynamic function.

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