When they say “The Savior is here!” or “There He is in the desert,” the Savior had only one thing to say… “Don’t believe it!”

Of course, that’s no problem, right? If someone said the Savior of mankind was in some desert, most people would scoff and laugh – and not necessarily in that order. They certainly would not purchase a plane ticket. Yet, when reading the Savior’s own words (the red print) one would be remiss not to catch the seriousness of His tone and His warning.

So what was the Messiah telling His Disciples?

Scripturally, Yahshua wore many hats (fulfilled many prophecies) and He wore each of those hats with purpose and integrity in order to …

1) Achieve what was written about Him – fulfill every prophecy
2) Begin a commissioned work during His lifetime – to be completed at the appointed time

One of His major tasks was that of Teacher. Yahshua knew the work His disciples would do following His death, in writing the Second Volume of the Holy Scriptures – what many refer to as the New Testament. Therefore, as He sat on the Mount of Olives, He detailed the condition of the world in a time known as the Last Days, He gave firm warning for those who would be living during that time – that time is now, and those warnings are for us.

Within the warning were words of instruction – just because someone says he or she is the Messiah or for that matter, claims to know the Messiah, Yahshua said, “Don’t believe it!” Words are mere words if not backed up by proof, scriptural proof, which is, fulfilled prophecy.

Obligations and duties of the Savior

The book, In Search of a Savior, explores the many prophecies written about the Savior and details the requirements that a flesh and blood man must accomplish in order to qualify for the job. The book supplies all the evidence, which proves Yahshua Messiah, did indeed satisfy all those requirements; He led a sinless life, fulfilling all the prophecies recorded about Him.

Moreover, in reading this book one discovers how and why the deception crept into religious doctrine leading to the True Savior as rejected by the world, in not only His lifetime, but also continuing to this present day.

Awesome Opportunity

In Search of a Savior is a gold mine of information; it contains the very knowledge you need to determine the true identity of Yahweh’s Only Begotten Son. Yahshua Messiah qualified to be Yahweh’s Passover Lamb, He was persecuted for living a righteous life, and He was murdered and laid in the grave for three days and three nights (Friday afternoon to Sunday morning is not three days and three nights). The reader learns of Yahshua’s genealogy, the significance of His resurrection, and His current role as High Priest over the prophesied Last Days’ House of Yahweh.

An additional book, Did Yahshua Messiah Pre-exist, completes a thorough scriptural study to lay a solid foundation of knowledge. Order your copy or both today.