The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 is the Key to Unlocking Every Single End Time Prophecy!


When it comes to The Two Witnesses and End Time Prophecy, merely reading the Book of Revelation does not suffice in understanding the “Big Picture”, nor does it provide details such as their names, where they come from, what they do, what they teach, and what impact they have upon the world.


The Two Witnesses – “By the Mouth of the Prophets”

  • Daniyl witnesses their work in futuristic visions, summarizes Yahweh’s Plan of Action
  • Isayah proves their authority, states what they do/teach, gives profile/bio
  • Zecharyah details their work and connection to the Savior, Yahshua
  • Moreover, other Prophets, Patriarchs, Apostles, and Yahshua Messiah connect End Time Prophecies with these two men  


There is more…


This information-packed book provides the reader with an understanding of the prophesied seven-year peace plan, Daniyl’s “missing week,” the prophesied Third Temple in Jerusalem, Yahweh’s Unchangeable Covenant, Yahshua/Witness Yisrayl as “Sent” by Yahweh, the Tribulation, beast of Revelation, Lord of Heaven, First Resurrection, and more – much, much, more.    


For those who have an active interest in understanding their bibles from Genesis to Revelation, this book, The Two Witnesses, New Light, is a must, providing hours of study and a broader, deeper awareness of Prophecy as it pertains to our day in history.


Order this 223-page book today and as an added bonus request a free copy of the February 2011 Prophetic Word magazine for a whole learning experience regarding this important subject – The Two Witnesses.