Every year we recognize and follow ancient days and customs handed down from generation to generation. Why?

Have you ever wondered why we have a seven-day week? Our day-by-day structured lives revolve around it; it has been this way since the days of Adam and Eve. Yahweh created mankind and all life on earth within seven days and established our schedule at that time.

We have the calendars and day planners to prove it. It’s not a Ripley’s believe it or not – it’s a fact!

Sunday is the first day of the week, Saturday or as Yahweh calls it – The Sabbath, is the seventh.

Okay, it is easy to see that Yahweh set up our schedule, but did He set up the modern holidays and traditions that we follow each year? Did He tell us to observe Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter? Did He give us traditions such as trick or treat, turkey dinners, mistletoe, red hearts, green clover, and painted egg hunts?

Why are we doing these things?

There are answers that you should know before the next holiday rolls around. Answers that smack of deception and lies. Some say, “Who cares?” “What difference does it make?” “It’s fun!”

If you are content with not knowing the facts, then this book may not be for you. On the other hand, this may be exactly the book you need. The facts are relevant, the deception is deep, the lies are extensive, and the consequences are real – we all live with the chaos today.

What should we be doing?

Yahweh was not done after He structured our workweek. He gave us Laws to follow to keep everything running smooth, laws to govern our overall wellbeing such as fitness, healthy relationships, work ethics, productive communities, and peaceful relations with neighboring nations. He even gave us celebration days or feast days to look forward to every year – every week, in fact.

When Yahweh gave Mosheh (Moses), the Ten Commandments He did not leave out any details. It may help to think of the Ten Commandments as subtitles or chapters in a book. Of course, that book would be The Book of Yahweh, The Holy Scriptures (Bible). Each Commandment has a set of rules and guidelines to follow. Each Commandment has stories, examples, predictions, warnings, and so forth to make that law something to appreciate and respect.

Deceptions Concerning Yahweh’s Calendar of Events

In this book, you will learn how the trickery crept in and how time has dulled the masses into inheriting the lies without question. The time to learn what we should be observing is now. Today is not too late to find out how deceptions have hidden the truth from us all. We need what the Bible has to offer and we need it now to unify humanity on what matters to all of us – life and its preservation. It starts with learning the truth! Learn about Yahweh’s Calendar today.