The Books of Yisrayl are an ongoing collection of books that provide a written transcript of Yisrayl Hawkins’ weekly Sabbath and Feast sermons. Instructive, lively, and informative are but a few of the words to describe this dynamic speaker and knowledgeable man of Scripture. Anyone who is anyone knows that Yisrayl speaks of news today in relation to the Holy Scriptures, bringing out the root cause of problems by discussing them thoroughly, evaluating all aspects in detail, and accompanying them with tangible solutions. In this, he is unparalleled. This is the man spoken of by Yahweh by the mouth of the Prophets. This is the man of Yahweh – the Last Days’ Witness.

The Books of Yisrayl by Volume

Volume 1 – 4 of The Books of Yisrayl bring together many of Yisrayl Hawkins’ most notable sermons given in series format. Specific topics are thoroughly taught over a period of weeks or months. Examples include, Going on to Perfection, Sealing of the Saints, and Gulf War Series are among these collective works.

Beginning in 2005, Yisrayl’s sermons are compiled by the year in which they were delivered. Therefore, the reader is at liberty to choose a specific time according to an event such as a weather disaster, disease outbreak, conflict, or scientific breakthrough. Then again, the reader may choose a volume based on that particular year’s overall general theme, which is reflected in the title of that volume – Persecuted but not Forsaken and Believe without Seeing, are but two examples.

Overall, the Books of Yisrayl are akin to a scriptural analysis. Yisrayl’s vision, as a young seventeen-year-old man, was to write a full bible commentary and his dream has come to fruition by way of The Books of Yisrayl in his and our lifetime.

Collect them all and repeat the benefits of hours of teaching based on a life’s worth of accumulated knowledge by a man led and inspired of by our Living Father and our Creator, Yahweh.

The following is the current list of Books of Yisrayl available today…

Volume 1 – Making The Connection With Yahweh

Volume 2 – Going On To Perfection

Volume 3 – The Sealing Of The Saints

Volume 4 – Reverencing Yahweh

Volume 5 – The Kingdom Of Priests

Volume 6 – Believe Without Seeing

Volume 7 Part I – Teachers Of Righteousness

Volume 7 Part II – Teachers Of Righteousness

Volume 8 Part I – Persecuted But Not Forsaken

Volume 8 Part II – Persecuted But Not Forsaken

Volume 9 Part I – The Chosen Branch

Volume 9 Part II – The Chosen Branch

Volume 10 Part I – Believe Into The One Sent

Volume 10 Part II – Believe Into The One Sent

Volume 11 Part I – The End Of The Ages

Volume 11 Part II – The End Of The Ages

Volume 12 Part I – Me-Norah

Volume 12 Part II – Me-Norah

Volume 13 Part I – Gold Purifying Gold

Volume 13 Part II – Gold Purifying Gold

Volume 14 Part I – Sin Never Again

Volume 14 Part II – Sin Never Again