If one Colossal Lie could produce a major shift in human behavior, none could compare to the subject of this book – the fictional pre-existence of our Savior.

Consider that Yahweh, our Creator, had a Plan from the beginning and His Plan included the Son of Man – yes, a man, born in the flesh, subject to all temptations as we are, yet choosing to never sin, choosing only to keep, uphold, and teach the Great Law of Yahweh as He was prophesied to do.

Trinity, duality, and a pre-existent Savior – The Colossal Lie

A quick historical check would place Christianity as a relatively new religion on the block, but it rose to be a major player throughout the world. The irony is that much of what shapes Christian beliefs and doctrines, that surround the foundation of Messiah-based-apostolic religions, barely resemble the original Faith adhered to by the Messiah and His Disciples. As outrageous as that is – and it is – the deliberate substitution of the Savior’s Name, Yahshua, in order to deceive the masses to worship vain useless gods, Zeus (Jesus) and Krishna (Christ) is over the top on any outrageous scale.

Three hundred years or so after the Savior’s murder, Christian doctrinal changes established a false teaching that ultimately diminished the value of Yahweh’s Law to something “old,” “antiquated,” and “useless.” The damage wrought by those changes is blatantly evident today as we see our world spinning out of control – sickness, diseases, violence, hatred, crime, war, and environmental disasters – because Yahweh’s Laws of Life have been maligned and cast aside.

Saved by grace versus saved by obedience

It’s a no-brainer that these two types of salvation are as opposite as night and day. If salvation is to be based on one of them, then it makes sense that we should weigh in on all the evidence and make an informed decision on the course we want to run in our lives. Let’s not assume we’ve been told the facts. We do not need to be gullible and simply believe what we’ve inherited from our predecessors.

The verdict is not in until all the proof is presented

If you are looking for evidence then this book delivers on all fronts. From an explanation on Yahweh’s “Begotten Son,” to the identity of the anti-messiah, this book Did Yahshua Messiah Pre-Exist, covers it all. Topics exposing the origin of a false savior, the pagan influences, and how the Greek word “logos” hijacked Yahweh’s Original Plan are a part of what you can expect on your road to discovery.

The best part is that the information is easy to confirm. Encyclopaedias, lexicons, concordances and many other authoritative sources, all easily found on the Internet or your local library, prove the facts. Laid out in a series of chapters and subtitles the book takes literally reams of documents, records, and data and presents it to the reader in a concise format by underlying key points in order to encourage the gaining of knowledge. As we all know – knowledge is powerful and is the key to the Kingdom of Yahweh.

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