Yahweh told mankind in the beginning to “guard” and “keep” the earth according to His Laws. We haven’t done that and global warming and climate change is the result.
The breaking of Yahweh’s Laws has adversely affected our planet; it is the topic of The Real Cause of Global Warming.
Within the pages of this informative book, the reader will learn that the sins of man are responsible for the unnatural environmental changes and disasters that have plagued our planet in recent years.
How is this possible?
Yisrayl Hawkins takes us from religious indifference and neglect to the microscopic life of our planet’s microbes. 
With billions upon billions of micro kingdoms at work, every day, to maintain the quality of life that we depend on for survival, we should not be shocked by this one truth… 
The microorganisms are sick and/or dying because of what we have done.
Note: this book is NOT about carbon emissions but rather sin – our sins that have ‘’reached the heavens” as your bible clearly states.
However, not all is lost and Yisrayl explains what our options could be if we determine this day to live by Yahweh’s every word. Yahshua Messiah stated it well – Man does not live by bread alone, but by the every word of Yahweh. 
Yes, our lives and the lives of every living thing, upon our beautiful earth, is fully dependent on Yahweh’s Laws. After all, Yahweh created all life. Who is more qualified to tell us how to live? Answer: No one.
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