The Lost Faith of the Apostles and Prophets




Before it was lost

The Apostles, Prophets, and Yahshua Messiah set the example and standard for religious life, yet all that remains today, is a watered down version of the Faith once delivered…

Why that’s a problem: The Apostle Yahdah (Jude) stressed the importance of following the faith that was given to all mankind from the beginning. (Yahdah 3)

… I found it necessary to write to you, and exhort you that you should earnestly contend for The Faith, which was once, for all, delivered to the saints…

The obvious question: What has changed so dramatically over the past two thousand years, beside smart phone bible apps? How could the instruction that came directly from the Messiah and adhered to by His Disciples, have changed so drastically to the point of being all but obsolete?

 The Original Faith – the one we are supposed to contend for is not so original anymore – religions have changed everything.

The not-so-obvious fact: Many authoritative writers confirm that the faith observed at the time of the Apostles and Savior has very little resemblance to what most religions follow today. The fault lies in many places. However, the greatest damage comes by way of altered verses and texts in the Holy Bible. From replacing the Name of Yahweh for titles of god and lord to twisting words and phrases suggesting the Original Laws were useless, we see the insidious process toward nullifying The Faith, which was once delivered to all of us. We could be in unity. We could have peace.

One. Father. One. Faith.

What we want: Answers – not speculation and certainly no more lies! Opinions, educated guesses, and theories are useless. Years, as in decades and centuries, of misinformation have been literally layered upon us.

Thankfully, today there are answers. Answers based on solid research, proof, and inspiration of Yahweh.

Not Lost Anymore

Bring it back: By exploring history and prophecy, Yisrayl Hawkins uncovers the mysteries that surround The Lost Faith of the Apostles and Prophets. The Book of Revelation speaks of the Seven Eras of The House of Yahweh – the KJV refers to them as seven churches. Explaining each Era and exposing how the deception snuck into the Faith, Yisrayl reveals how and why the Original Faith became lost and he offers the way back.

Discover what the Believers knew at the time of Yahshua and set your course to find and live by The Faith once delivered. You can contend for that Faith and you can begin today.

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