Parents who “go to” the Scriptures to give their children a moral compass for life will appreciate the children’s version of The Books of Yisrayl.


Designed with youngsters in mind, The Books of Yisrayl for children will delight both child and adult with a positive, unique method of exploring the Holy Scriptures.

If you are familiar with The Books of Yisrayl and the series of volumes available today, then you already know that these writings are akin to a scriptural discovery. Insightful, scriptural-based teachings provide biblical students with written access to Yisrayl’s inspired sermons.


Making scriptural study a pleasure for children


The child’s version features not only an ease-of-read level for young learners but also provides child-friendly explanations, activities, and scriptural references and descriptions. Every sermon delivered by Yisrayl is unique and each chapter in the children’s volumes are adaptations to reflect a specific theme or content in order to build upon a child’s core education in the Holy Scriptures.

The Children’s Books of Yisrayl make learning about Yahweh, His Laws, and His healthy, joyous way of life a blessing to share with your child.

Yisrayl is the first to recall his childhood memories of studying the Holy Word with his parents and siblings. His writings today, are an immeasurable addition to family time and comradely, shaping the lives of children for years to come.

Yisrayl Hawkins, the Last Days’ prophesied Witness states without doubt “Yahweh hears children. He knows everything that they say, and He watches everything that they do! ” End time prophecies speak of children being at the heart of change – changing hearts and minds of people all over the world, children today have the opportunity to learn how to make a difference in the world of tomorrow.

Collect them all and give your child an opportunity to become a part of the last days’ history of mankind before the Great and Awesome Day of Yahweh comes to restore health and peace throughout the world. Give your child the opportunity to know Yahweh!