Can we avoid the next holocaust?

In his book Can We Avoid the Next Holocaust, Yisrayl Hawkins tackles the difficult questions,

guides our search for truth, digs up the lies and boldly discloses the facts.

Yisrayl Hawkins, historian and biblical scholar, traces his lineage to Aaron the Priest. He writes,

not to revisit historical events, but to explain why the suffering came upon the Hebrew people

and what can be done today to avoid another catastrophic event.


Look at the evidence


Detailing the history, Yisrayl exposes lies we have inherited, how we were led to forget

Yahweh’s Name, and how Adonai-El-Elohim originated.


Taking away the excuses


Yisrayl takes a hard look at our explanations and one-by-one debunks long held beliefs – the

main one being that Yahweh’s Name is too holy to pronounce. He explains why this mindset

has been, not only wrong, but also detrimental to our being able to achieve lasting peace,

health, and joyous living.


Choose to listen and obey our Heavenly Father Yahweh


Yahweh has a Plan and Yisrayl reveals the Truth of Yahweh’s Plan and the keeping of His

Covenant. Traditions have crept into our lives and the suffering followed.

Today, what can learn what Yahweh tells us to do and discover how every man, woman, and

child can avoid further suffering.

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