A Recap of Sabbath Services at The Great House of Yahweh…

While plans for war will destroy the earth, we (The House of Yahweh) are learning the ways to restore the earth, end all wars, and bring True Peace.

Men’s Presentation

Fulfilled Prophecy proves all things, and with II Timothy 3:1-5 and Genesis Chapter 49 as scriptural witnesses, we see the character of mankind in the time period known as the Last Days. We are in perilous times, a fact most everyone readily agrees.

History proves that what the Prophet Samuyl foretold has indeed come to pass. The Savior’s Words found in Mattithyah 24 are upon us and confirm Samuyl’s warning of how the world would become when mankind chose to reject Yahweh by choosing man’s way to rule.

Deuteronomy Chapter 28 lists the curses of breaking Yahweh’s Laws and verse 45 confirms the “why”. There are no doubts. Fulfilled Prophecy does prove all things, and as Isayah 34:16 plainly says, not one of these Prophecies will fail.

Yisrayl’s writings, found in the Birth of the Nuclear Baby and Nuclear War, Is It Really Coming follow the development of nuclear weaponry with the ability to “pierce holes”. The seals have been opened, and Revelation 6:15 attests to what lies ahead for humanity.

The following are additional highlights from the day…
• December means the descending of the Gods, but we have Yahweh’s Protection.
• On the subject of Christmas, 1) the Savior was not born in December, 2) this day was celebrated 600 years before the Savior’s birth, 3) December 25 was the birth of a sun god, 3) parents are lying to their children about Santa Claus.
• Two Trees, one describes the way to Peace, the other the way of retaliation, violence, and war.
• Details on NYC Empire State Building, including that it was built 85 years ago.
• Revelation 18:5 – sins are ruining the world
• Revelation 22:18-19 – adding to/taking from Yahweh’s Word will not go unanswered.
• Only solution for every problem is to repent and turn to Yahweh.
• Yisrayl’s quotes from the Seventh Book of Yisrayl 18:62-64, the Sixth Book of Yisrayl 16:170, the First Book of Yisrayl 21:50-55 explain the warning that Yahweh assigns to his servants to proclaim, 1) Yahnah and Nineveh, 2) Yisrayl and Nuclear Baby and 3) Yahweh’s House 12/24/2016
• The date 12/24/2016 deserves our attention.

In Conclusion: Be strong and courageous, Yahweh will not forsake His People. Praise Yahweh!