A Recap of Sabbath Services at The Great House of Yahweh…

We love Yahweh and His Laws more than all else. Nothing will offend us.

Women’s Presentation on “Getting Ready to serve in the Kingdom of Yahweh.””The Kingdom of Yahweh is eternal, and on this day, we were given the opportunity to delight in the vision.

Eternal Kingdom
• The House of Yahweh is the gate/the way to the Kingdom of Yahweh.
• Listen (Liston) to, observe (Ab-serve), and imitate (Himitate) Yisrayl Hawkins as he teaches us the way to obtain an Eternal Life of service in Yahweh’s Kingdom.
• All death, sickness, and hatred will be gone, and we will be ready to teach and serve the Kingdom of Yahweh.
• “Yahweh intends to stop all sin.”

Eternal Vow
• Baptism, Yahweh’s Way, is the first step in coming to the full knowledge of Yahweh.
• We acknowledge the established pattern of the Kingdom with our baptism vows in these Last Days.

Eternal Dedication
• We do the Work of Yahweh with zeal, acknowledging the importance of Yahweh’s Work to build up His House.
• Hurry plus Work produces a great calm for those who do the Work as taught by Yisrayl.
• We have a short Work to do, and it is a Perfect Work as part of Yahweh’s Perfect Plan.
• Our loyalty to the Work is possible because of the love we have for Yahweh and His Plan.
• Eternal dedication is based on 100% servitude.

Eternal Position
• Use the STOP acronym, do the job we have been given, and do it with joy.
• Every job is a work of service that we love.
• Short and long-term goals help us achieve Yahweh’s purpose for our lives.
• Prepare in advance by controlling our thoughts.
• Don’t criticize! Just bless!”
• Ours will be positions of respect, which means an exalted rank, symbol of honor to be among those teaching the Message of Peace to all, forever.

Eternal Joy
• True Joy is found in serving one another. Serving others will bring Peace to the universe.
• Yahweh’s Laws will bring “Joy” to the world.
• Rejoice through tests and trials in order to be complete, to become Perfect, lacking nothing.
• We desire to serve Yahweh and His People.
• Rejoice in the fact that we are fulfilling the Prophecies in this Last Days’ time period.

Eternal Light
• Our light will shine to the world, and that light is the Laws of Yahweh.
• In order for Yahweh’s Light to shine, the Message of the Kingdom is preached and published to the nations.
• We are the last light on the Seven Lamp Lampstand that will never go out.
• We live a perfect example of Yahweh’s Way at all times.

We conclude by saying we are known by the love we have for one another, and from this, our light will shine forth, eternally, in Yahweh’s Kingdom.