A Recap of Sabbath Services at The Great House of Yahweh…

Yahweh will not forsake His People, for the sake of His Great Name, because it has pleased Yahweh to make you His own. (I Samuyl 12:22)

Men’s Presentation

Sons of Yisrayl Abel and Great Deacons

Prophesied Wars
• War starts with a plan; the book, Birth of the Nuclear Baby, has details.
• News articles continue to pinpoint the time described in Mattithyah 24 as Russia conducts test of weaponry capable of reaching US soil in 12 minutes.
“Don’t Listen to Prophets of Doom” insists Pope Francis, and he was rebuked by the Deacon. Yahweh’s Prophets gave warning about false prophets. Isayah 5:20, woe to those who put light for darkness and darkness for light.

Our Conduct
• Seek first the Kingdom of Yahweh.
• Practice will make us Perfect as we work together to bring Yahweh’s Plan to completion. Therefore, practice keeping the Laws of Yahweh.
• Remember: Yahweh values this Work because it will complete His Plan.
• Refresher on our baptism vows includes the fact that we agreed to convert to Yahweh’s Laws.
• Guard our minds through December’s holiday times.

On Endurance
• Hebrews 12:1-2, we must stay focused on the established path and not allow worldly influences to pull us away.

The Great Kohans

Question: What will keep us, and our children, in The House of Yahweh forever?
• Understanding that the Last Days are a finite (fixed, predetermined) period of time, when for a child, time seems to be forever or a long way off.
• Because of this, we are encouraged to attend classes, learn from our teachers, and be obedient.
• Education and practicing living by the Words of Yahweh will keep a child in the Faith.
• Recognize what we value and why, and ask ourselves if our values match Yahweh’s Values.
• Furthermore, remember that Yahweh teaches us to succeed. Our tests and trials are much more precious than gold.

Statement: The Book of Yahweh is a living book, and it gives us comfort.
• Isayah 34:16, 8 deserves our full attention, and breaking down key words gives added insight.
• “Not one of these will be neglected!” This is true, as we know that Yahweh is in full control. Yahweh will not neglect one Prophecy or one faithful member.
• “The year of Yahweh’s recompenses,” showing that recompenses is word #7966, 7999 and means a requital (secure) retribution and reward, to finish.
• “Controversy” means opposing views and Yahweh’s Judgment (not vengeance) will prevail following the Last Days’ Ultimate Showdown.

In Conclusion, we look forward to seeing the captives set free. Yisrayl Hawkins’ teaching on “Let My People Go” has begun the process.