A Recap of Sabbath Services at The Great House of Yahweh…

Those who are wise will shine as the brightness of the heavens; and those who turn many to Righteousness, as the stars forever and ever. (Daniyl 12:3)

The Seventh Malak, Yisrayl Hawkins

With 74,613 news agencies picking up Yisrayl Hawkins’ Press Release entitled Earliest Biblical Writings Shed Light on Hereditarily Acquired Diseases; Pastor states emphatically that the Prophecies are reliable.

In addition, Yahweh is revealing numbers to His House uncovering secrets that expose worldly plots to depopulate the earth and bring on nuclear wars.

On the subject of wars, Pastor rehearses the fact that Scripture describes two separate nuclear events. The first began as explained in Yisrayl’s book, Birth of the Nuclear Baby. The second is shown in Revelation 17 and 18.

Of note, former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, met with Putin, Trump, Netanyahu, and Pope Francis. Mr. Kissinger is now recognized as the pope’s political advisor. Yisrayl takes a moment to remind us of a population control plan from 1974. A Google search easily brings up the information.

On this day, Yisrayl presented several articles and explained their significance. The following are a few of these articles:…

• Russia named their nuclear missile, Satan II, which is capable of reaching/destroying a nation the size of TX
• Russia warns that war with the west could be eminent
• Tiny Organisms Have Huge Effect on World’s Atmosphere
• Placenta Protectors No Match for Toxic Strep B Pigment
• Pope Francis Ally Accused of Appointing Known Abuser as Priest
• Starving Children is Heartbreaking UN Urges End to Conflict

Turning to the Book of Daniyl, Pastor focused on Chapter 12, expounded on the restored first verse, and examined the meaning of the number 534 and its related numbers.

The Great Prophet Daniyl wrote the book in 534 BY, and the connection to events in our day is astounding. Some of the meanings include: exaltation of a tree or mountain, to speak, to answer, to command, to tell, to promise, to appoint, to publish, to exist, Yahweh, divine power.

Explaining Daniyl’s life (taking into account the terrible state of Israyl at that time), Pastor tells us that Daniyl was deeply worried about the vision he saw for the Last Days. However, Yisrayl explains that Daniyl must have also experienced a great deal of hope and joy when he was presented the vision of the Teacher he both saw and spoke to in his vision.

In Conclusion, one of the Sons of Yisrayl encouraged us to be mindful of the negative influences at this time of year and the descending of the Gods. We must always watch and guard our minds.