A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

Sound advice is to take up a pen or pencil and write out words from Yisrayl’s sermons. Listen to them and jot them down as a means of study. There is a connection between the written word and our mind’s ability to assimilate content and knowledge. It is a great practice and one that will build our faith.

Services began with a reality check on The Real Cost of War. Son of Yisrayl Abel, Barzillai, listed but a few of the astronomical costs of war. Asking where the money comes from, Barzillai stresses the real cost of war in terms of human life. He concludes with the obvious fact that only total destruction can come from war. We, in The House of Yahweh, know that peace must be taught, and our Teacher, Yisrayl, has been preparing us for that purpose.

Next, Deacon Abishalom encourages us to trust and believe in Yahweh and the Prophecies. Luke 24:25 clearly states that only fools reject the Prophecies. The deacon gave us several examples including Yahshua, Yisrayl Hawkins, and Iyyob. In a discussion on Iyyob’s life, we see a servant of Yahweh who withstood extreme tests/trials, and he, along with Yahshua and Yisrayl serve as examples for us today.

The Great Deacon Seth Benyamin expounded on Yahchanan 14:16, with details on the words “another” and “comforter”, we recognize Yisrayl as fulfilling many of the roles of Comforter today. The following is a partial “Comforter to Do” list, which the Last Days’ Witness fulfills for us today.
• Guides us into all truth
• Does not speak on his own authority
• Tells us what is to come
• He glorifies Yahshua and Yahweh
The straight up fact is that Yisrayl comforts us with his teachings.

The Great Kohan Shaul continued with the subject of Yisrayl being our Comforter in these Last Days. Chosen by Yahweh, spoken of in Prophecy, Yisrayl’s teachings are understood in Psalm 23. Kohan Shaul broke down meanings of the words “rod” and “staff”, and we appreciate the fact that Yisrayl’s main tool is found in his writings. Having written many books, booklets, magazines, newsletters, and more, the Kohan points out that Yisrayl’s teachings both instruct and correct us.

“In correction is the protection.” That is comfort!

There is sound doctrine in The House of Yahweh and we are reminded of the ample material we have, at the ready, to choose from in order to keep us on that straight and narrow path to Yahweh’s Kingdom. It is up to us to read/study the material and take advantage of the deep knowledge that will help us to endure tests/trials.

Since Acts 14:22 tells us to expect much tribulation, we ought not to be surprised by difficulties that arise from time to time – okay, okay, more like often…. We must examine our hearts every day so we do not turn back to Egypt, so we do not rather choose the way of sin and the life of the gods.

Kohan Shaul read many supportive verses including Romans 15:1-5, Hebrews 12:25, 2:1-3, Acts 7:35-39, Proverbs 5:11-14, 1:32-33, and Revelations 21:4, 7-8.

The Great Kohan David continued with a topic Yisrayl has been speaking on lately and that is the Days of Noah and the coming of the Son of Man. Drawing upon similarities; the Kohan mentioned that they were unaware of the destruction that came upon them when the flooding began. As today, the people rejected the teachings of Noah, just as they reject the teachings of the Witness, Yisrayl.

The fact that Noah was 600 years old reveals the state of the earth and the people at that time – the face of the earth and the face of the people reflected anger. Their gods did not save them at that time, and they will not save them at this time.

Rehearsing several Scriptures, including Revelation 9, which describes the nuclear devastation that is soon to come upon the face of the earth, Kohan David stressed the “Showdown” that is at hand. He named the players, and because of Yisrayl’s teachings and the Prophecies that Yahweh gave to us, we already have the confidence of knowing who the winners will be.

For further study, Kohan David’s slides are available here…

In Conclusion:
Knowing all of the above, Kohan David stresses that we focus on two things 1) get rid of bitterness and 2) get rid of anger. Kohan Shaul encourages us by saying we have no reason to fear for Yahweh is with us. Praise Yahweh and may His Kingdom come soon!