Feast Recap at the Great House of Yahweh…

They laughed at Noah, but that did not stop the floods from destroying the earth. Today, they laugh at Yisrayl and The House of Yahweh, but that will not stop the STDs from destroying the environment.

A few points covered by the Sons of Yisrayl Abel, the Great Deacons and Kohans

• We have both Yahshua and Yisrayl serving as examples for us to follow. Yahshua and His Disciples did the work of the Sabbath, and as we know, Yisrayl takes great joy in his work.
• Admittedly, the Roman Catholic Church changed the Sabbath even though Scripture clearly shows that Yahshua and His Disciples did Yahweh’s work on the Sabbath. We are encouraged to follow their examples and cease from our own work/pleasures on the Seventh Day Sabbath according to Yahweh’s Laws.
• Signs in the clouds revealing Yahweh’s covenant rainbow and Yisrayl’s face connect several Scriptures from Genesis through Revelations and paint a clear picture of our need to repent and convert to keeping Yahweh’s Laws.
• We will soon witness the nations coming to Yahweh’s House. They will realize they have been lied to, and they will seek teaching and guidance from Yisrayl and the family of Yahweh.

The Greatest Teacher in the World – The One to bring Yahweh’s Covenant to the hearts and minds of the people – Yisrayl Hawkins

• Pastor encourages by saying that from Genesis to this present time, the Prophecies speak of us – those who will bring peace to the earth.
• The Work of Yisrayl and The House of Yahweh are reaching the nations. Recently posted pictures and comments on House of Yahweh Facebook and Twitter accounts from a refugee camp in Tunisia, bring rejoicing to Yisrayl and the congregation.
• Yisrayl sets the matter straight on the topic of being “born again”. When the only thing that comes from this “experience” is to question one’s past actions with a heart-felt declaration of being born again, Yisrayl points out that nothing much changes. Being “born from above” requires true repentance and converting to keeping Yahweh’s Laws of Righteousness. Then, teaching the Message of the Kingdom is evidence of a renewed life.
• Rehearsing many verses from the Book of Revelations, Yisrayl declares a main objective of The House of Yahweh is to show the sentence of the great whore spoken of in Revelation 17. Going back to the children of Israyl coming out of Egypt, yet never giving up their worship of gods, Yisrayl brings to light the argument Abraham’s children had with Yahshua. They claimed never to have been in bondage, and in this, they testified against themselves, as they do today. No, they were never in bondage, as in slavery, for they were ruthless, violent men, but they never stopped being in bondage to sin. Yahshua pointed this out to them, and today, Yisrayl – Yahweh’s Chosen Branch – is delivering the same Message.
• Cain was the first pope and fulfills Daniyl’s Prophecy of the 4th beast. Cain was from the house of the gods. Today, they are called Catholic, before that, Coptic Catholic or Egyptian Catholic.
• Noah’s son Ham, served the Egyptian god, Aiguptos.
• The lives of Cain and Abel were much different from popular belief. Abel brought forth human beings ready to fulfill Genesis 1:26. Cain brought forth anger, hatred, and violence and the rejection of Yahweh’s Laws. We see this rejection in religions today, namely the Catholic Church.
• Yahweh created the microorganisms to assist humanity but sin has weakened and damaged them to the extent that they are no longer able to perform their duties – hence, the earth suffers the curses of mutated and sickened microbes.

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