A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

We have hope because of The House of Yahweh, and we must be willing to share that hope with others. Three Scriptures reveal our hope … 1) Acts 3:19 because we understand true repentance, and we submit ourselves to conversion to Yahweh’s Laws, 2) Hosheyah 2:19 because we can know Yahweh, and 3) Deuteronomy 15:15-17 because of the very real hope of being in Yahweh’s House forever.

Women and Girls Presentation, and a few of the day’s highlights…

• The choice to have peace and joy is up to the individual. Others cannot take our joy unless we allow it.

• The four colors of the rainbow offer a sign of the everlasting promise between Yahweh and His People.

• Treat one another well; we are all Yahweh’s servants. Therefore, do not hold grudges and consider this: Yahweh is working with each of us – do not limit either others or ourselves from having the ability to overcome.

• There is nothing more desirable than a righteous character like Yahweh.

• Yahweh knows our hearts, and He sees our efforts, giving us the opportunity to repent and convert.

• We have to have a strong desire to become like Yahweh – we must want this to help us through our tests and trials.

• Our minds and hearts were encouraged to endure; that is, persisting in faith, hope, and love.

• Yahweh’s protection, clean foods, fulfilled Prophecies, and knowledge are some of the blessings we can dwell on rather than longing for tangible objects that do not last.

• The color green holds many wonderful characteristics – it relaxes the body, alleviates stress, provides health and a soothing effect to our bodies, a sense of well-being, harmony, balance and the ability to heal. We can learn from this color and put forth efforts to heal with our words and actions.

• Lexington and Bethlehem, the birthplaces of Yisrayl and Yahshua reveal many meanings and definitions that reflect their lives.

• We can become a true “Okie” by being an active listener and follower of Yisrayl, the Okie/Branch of Yahweh.

• We must be in unity with Yahweh, Yahshua, and Yisrayl, and accept our calling to be part of Yahweh’s staff forever.

• Yahweh is trustworthy and He is our only source of protection. We delight in the fact that He guides us on our journey to perfection.

The following is a partial list of scriptures covered today: Genesis 9:12-13, 16; Psalms 89:34-35, 20:4, 32:6, 91:14-15; Galatians 6:9; 1 Corinthians 13:13, 10:13; Deuteronomy 26:11; Yeremyah 29:11; Hebrews 10:24, 11:1, 15-16, 32-35, 39-40, 12:1.

We conclude with the fact that The Book of Yahweh is back and here to stay. When viewed as our best friend, it is a sure and reliable guide through our tests and trials on our road to perfection.