A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

As it is written: How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the Message of Peace, who bring glad tidings of Righteous things… Romans 10:15.

The Peaceful Solution Missionary Trip to Washington, D.C. May 2016 featured prominently on this day. We also received spiritual messages to include Yahweh’s Laws and Prophecies.
The following are but a few points covered…

• One of our great deacons brought forth similarities between Yahshua and Yisrayl in these Last Days, teaching from Revelation’s Chapters 1, 3, 10, 13, and 17. Yisrayl Hawkins is the instrument Yahweh is using to teach His Chosen People and to preach to the nations.

• If we want protection from Yahweh, we must be willing to follow instructions from Yisrayl Hawkins. Those instructions keep us safe. Giving examples from the Holy Scriptures of those who did follow and did not follow instruction proves that Yahweh’s Laws are beneficial to those who obey their Righteous authorities.

• Much of the world focuses on the superficial, while we of the House of Yahweh focus on Yahweh’s Laws and the positive character principles of the Peaceful Solution.

• A great quote from Pastor, “we can do great things when we work together; we are one unit.”

• A video presented the work of the Peaceful Solution in Laredo, Texas, and this video was presented to a congressional representative in Washington, D.C.

• A mini-study on unclean animals was a great review on Yahweh’s Laws given to mankind in order to safeguard healthy living.

• The House of Yahweh is built upon Prophecies that believers can rely on because we can trust in Yahweh forever.

We conclude with a great question: Yahshua became perfect, so why can’t we? Knowing that Yahweh’s Laws are perfect and can convert the whole person and bring that person to perfection, the answer to that question is that we are the only ones holding us back. If we set our minds to it, and set goals and follow through with our plans to keep all of Yahweh’s Laws, we, too, can become perfect as Yahshua.