A Recap of Sabbath Services at The Great House of Yahweh…

Throughout The Book of Yahweh, The Holy Scriptures, when Yahweh says, “I am Yahweh,” He is making a declaration – He is our Father. The word declaration means a formal and explicit announcement. Therefore, there is no doubt that Yahweh is Who He says He is. Yahweh is our Father.

Today: A Presentation by the Daughters of Yisrayl

The Prophecies Are Sure

• We believe that Yahweh is in complete control of everything going on today.
• The one-hour burning is prophesied for this time in history.
• We can escape the prophesied burning by “coming away from the world” as it states in Revelation 18.

Yahshua’s Words on the Worst Time of Trouble is are Fulfilled at This Time

• Those who understand Prophecies prepare for the Last Days physically and spiritually.
• World leaders have difficult decisions to make, and citizens of the planet are suffering.
• Yisrayl and The House of Yahweh are ambassadors of Peace.
• Iniquity would abound in the Last Days, which leads the love to grow cold.
• The world “has gone the way of Cain.” Cain was first to make sin look desirable.
• Yahweh told us to guard/keep His Laws. We see results of mankind not glorifying and being thankful to Yahweh by rejecting Yahweh’s Laws.

Personal Studies and Testimonies

• Yahweh does not leave us or forsake us, and the numbers show “free from grief and less sorrow.”
• Yahweh is bringing a great gathering to His House with supporting numbers and biblical verses.
• When we stand in our place, in unity with Yahweh and Yisrayl Hawkins, we can overcome our own carnality and reach the finishing line, a line that draws closer rather than further when we exhort and encourage one another.
• Green comet with purple tail from 1948 and seen again 69 years later, with relating numbers correspond with verses in The Book of Yahweh.
• There is a bond between parents and children. The fifth Commandment states to honor our parents, which carries a promise. Parallels are found between our growth and relationship with The House of Yahweh.
• As we look forward to the Feast of Passover and Unleavened Bread, 2017, consider our preparations to include striving to be found without sin and have a sincere heart before Yahweh and our fellow brothers and sisters.

In Conclusion: We are encouraged to continue in Righteousness and be in Unity with the authorities that exist.