A Recap of Sabbath Services at The Great House of Yahweh…

Sons of Yisrayl Abel, Deacon Buffalo Bill and Deacon White Buffalo spoke on the showdown between Yahweh’s Way and the way of Satan, and the power Yahweh has over the Gods.

The Great Kohan Benyamin C. and the Great Deacon Michayl Asaph exhorted the congregation with facts on numbers and dates surrounding the establishment and dedication of The House of Yahweh, and particulars of Yisrayl Hawkins name and birth. Furthermore, we saw a short film on the invention of the television.

In the news, the Great Kohan Yliyah presented a lengthy film, which included several articles to include pork tapeworms, altered DNA to cure cancer in experimental stages, Kenya’s drought conditions, and the ongoing pipeline protests.

Next, we heard from our Great Teacher, Yisrayl Hawkins. He began by reminding us that Yahweh’s Plan has never changed. With Christianity spreading the false teaching of the Savior doing away with Yahweh’s Laws, Yisrayl states that the Scriptures do not say any such thing.

Yisrayl went verse by verse in several key areas of study from Genesis Chapters 1-4, Yahchanan Chapter 1, Genesis Chapter 49, Micahyah Chapter 4, Mattithyah Chapter 16, Isayah Chapter 59, Daniyl Chapter 12, and Revelation Chapter 7. The following are but a few of the points he covered today…

• Yahweh’s Plan from the beginning is for mankind to come into the Likeness of Yahweh and receive Eternal Life.
• We were made subject to sin, but Yahweh clearly tells us not to sin and to choose Life by keeping His Laws.
• He placed the two ways (two trees) before us, 1) the Tree of Life, including clear instruction to guard and keep the Way of Yahweh, and 2) the mixture, following the Gods or universal (Catholic) that leads to death or “dying you will die.”
• The serpent spoken of in Genesis is the divining serpent (Catholic or universal) that deceived Eve under the evil teachings of Cain.
• Furthermore, the Scriptures reveal that mankind, having chosen to practice sin, could no longer qualify for Eternal Life, as Yahweh’s Plan for mankind did not include ongoing suffering in the human body. (Sin causes microbes to no longer function to mankind’s benefit or health.)
• Yahweh said that in choosing evil, mankind would ever be searching for peace, and there would be continual war, vengeance, and retaliation, which is exactly what we see throughout the world at this time.

In Conclusion: Pastor explained the Sea of Glass in relation to the modern day television, which began in 1934. By means of the tell-a-vision glass, Yahweh’s Prophets could “see” this Last Days’ House, Yahweh’s Witness, and His People fulfilling the Work of the Last Days.