A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

Negative influences today include an overwhelming push toward fornication, but there are consequences to this unlawful act—the evidence is increased sickness and disease throughout the world.

We were blessed to hear from two Sons of Yisrayl Abel today, Buffalo Bill and Deacon Melchizedek. Their topics, Keep Your Children from Influences of the World, and Was the Mark of Yahweh Changed, provided the congregation a great review on two important topics.

The Great Kohan Yliyah presented current news events with the Zika Virus now in 26 countries and the dynamics of the ongoing Syrian war shifting once again as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and hints of Israyl stirring up borders as Prophecy is fulfilled around the Euphrates River.

Our Great Teacher, Yisrayl Hawkins began his sermon today by stating he wants the world to understand that Yahweh is not weak, in any way. Yahweh is only allowing Satan a free-hand for the purpose of showing humanity what the effects of sin will bring upon themselves and the world.

Adding to previous teachings on the four horns of the altar of death, Yisrayl explains that human beings are the sacrifices as the beast (described in the Holy Scriptures) brings disease, hunger, and war to the nations. We are seeing many of these Prophecies now taking place in and around the great River Euphrates. and The recent outbreak of the Zika Virus, having developed into yet another STD, exposes the lengths this beastly system will undertake to depopulate the earth.

Going over verses in Revelation 6, Yisrayl explains that Yahshua is the Lamb, and the seals would not be opened (understood) until a set time – a time that began in 1934 in fulfillment of Prophecy. Increase in knowledge and the birth of the witness that Daniyl spoke to on a future day (Daniyl 12) sets this time period as the time of The End.

Exploring two main points,
1) The world is under the authority of the beast
2) Separation of church and state

Yisrayl declares that Yahweh, U.S. President Barak Obama and he believe in human rights. As it stands, the Catholic Church does not support human rights but rather human wrongs, because people are not given the right to choose – they are denied the only Light (Book of Yahweh) in school.

Yisrayl makes his point clearer through current efforts by some to teach sodomy in schools. When they claim the right to teach sodomy and a sodomite’s lifestyle, but do not permit the right to study and evaluate the Apostle Shaul’s teachings in 1 Corinthians 6:9, which show that those who commit these acts will not inherit the Kingdom of Yahweh, they deny everyone the right of choice.

By separating church and state, they (Catholic Church) deny human rights in schools. Clever trickery for sure. However, we do not despair – Freedom of Speech permits The House of Yahweh to preach and publish the Message (Romans 1:16-17; Malakyah 4:5) and tell everyone their basic human rights to choose life (by keeping Yahweh’s Laws) or to choose death (disobedience).

Yisrayl warns that if we choose deception, once we have received the knowledge of the Truth, we are serving whom we want to serve – Satan (death).

Today, we can visit Genesis Chapter 3 and follow the same deception that Eve fell for, and accept the teaching to become like the Gods, erroneously believing Satan’s lie that we would not die or we can listen to Yisrayl Hawkins as he fulfills his commissioned work to preach/publish the Great Message of the Kingdom.

Conclusion: Psalm 91:1, 5/Colossians 2:16-17, Yahweh’s Feast Days and Sabbaths are our Shadow of Protection. Do not permit Satan’s deceptive lies to cloud our judgment. Let us keep the Feasts and Sabbaths, as they are a sign between our Father Yahweh and us.