A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

“If it’s not forever, we don’t want it” is a popular slogan in The House of Yahweh, because we understand that the glitter/glamour of the world is only temporary, useless, and passing away. The Laws of Yahweh, on the other hand, are forever.

Son of Yisrayl Abel, Yoshiyah spoke on our right to choose. Picking up on recent sermons by Yisrayl Hawkins, the future Priest reviewed key aspects of Yahweh’s Plan for mankind, which allows Satan’s beastly system to have full authority until a set time. Taking away the Laws and Prophecies from the people, in effect, took away their rights of freedom of choice. He points out that if we keep our Seventh Day Sabbath Appointments and Feast Days, we have plenty of opportunity to learn about our choices and have the freedom to choose life.

The Great Deacon Samuyl spoke on being serious-minded in all our vows to Yahweh. What is a vow? It is a promise or pledge binding oneself to an act or way of life. The word serious means earnest (zealous and sincere), not joking, not trifling, or taking it – our vows – lightly. Therefore, our vows to Yahweh are not idle, and what we say, we must do. Ecclesiastes 5 and Mattithyah 5 present the facts clearly – pay what we have vowed to pay, keep our words few, and let our “yes” be yes and our “no” be no. The Deacon also reviewed marriage vows and compared Holy Vows made before Yahweh to the empty promises so easily given in most marriages today. Since many have pre-nuptial agreements, divorce is a given, which directly contradicts marriage vows in the first place.

In the news, the Great Kohan Yliyah presented some graphic videos and pictures, which reveal the extent of the misery and suffering of Middle East and North African refugees. Seeing the horrors makes it real and difficult to witness. Yet, we know that is part of our calling – to witness the results of sin and the breaking of Yahweh’s Laws of Life.

Our Great Teacher, Yisrayl Hawkins covered several news articles and brought them into perspective with Prophecies, specifically those found in the Book of Revelation. The following are but a few of the highlights from today’s sermon…

• Prophecy shows that the US will remain strong so that the Message of Yahweh can go out throughout the world. This will see Yahweh’s Plan come to completion.

• Plans for nuclear strike remains on the table, and the fact that war is big business, comes out in the article. Large companies stand to gain and many cities are listed as targets in the event of all-out war.

• The 12 tribes of Israyl still reject The House of Yahweh and all that would guarantee health and peace. Yisrayl points out that they are on trial, as we see what sin has brought to the earth.

• From Amosyah the third chapter, Yisrayl details the only Works that Yahweh would have, regardless to the number of impostor imposter religions. Today, The House of Yahweh is the Seventh and last Work, with Yahshua Messiah as our High Priest.

• Revelation 16:12, written in 96 c.e., pinpoints trouble for the Middle East, around the River Euphrates. Today, we witness that this Prophecy was and is completely accurate as that fourth part of the earth sees starving children, families forced from their homes, being bombed, and attempting to escape to other countries only to be rejected and at times beaten for their attempts to save themselves and their families.

• Revelation 13:11-15 are Prophecies that are coming to pass at this time, and Yisrayl reminds us to keep Psalm 91 close in our minds and hearts, as we continue to strive for Righteousness in our lives.

In Conclusion: Remember that a thousand will fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it will not come near you so long as you “keep your heart right with Yahweh.”