Revealed in a name

Names for Satan include Lucifer and Devil, but there are others, which expose hidden agendas that Satan does not want revealed. Yes, plots and schemes, secreted away – until now.

Okay, so our given names may not define who we are – our character, personality, beliefs, values, and so forth but not so with Satan. The names, Lucifer and Devil only scratch the surface of what this being lives for. The Queen of Heaven, Asherah, Venus, Aphrodite, and Hillyl are names that point to her gender. Satan has kept this fact hidden for centuries. Why?

The book, Unveiling Satan Her True Identify Revealed explains why and follows the influence that Satan has had from Genesis through Revelation or from Creation to our present time. Hillyl had an important role within Yahweh’s Plan of Creation, yet by her own actions, her job description undertook major changes.

Satan’s lust for worship

Mother goddess worship, steeped in paganism has evolved over the generations. Most are familiar with her persona today as Mary, the mother of God. But here’s the thing – even a minor study into this subject exposes the actual being behind all the Mary worship today – Satan. What is far less obvious is the adoration she receives when she captures the hearts and minds of the people through God worship. The Creator Yahweh is not a god, yet the world over gives reverential exaltation to the God of their religion. They do not know whom they worship. Free booklet provides details. deep link to booklet

Satan’s lust for rebellion

Rebelling against Yahweh and His Laws is what Satan has brought upon the world. Rebellion against authority and moral laws of proper behavior has landed thousands upon thousands of men, women, and children into prisons and detention centres. “The devil made me do it,” in reality is no joke. Negative influences plague our societies and those influences are Satan’s tools to accomplish her end game goal to weaken and destroy Yahweh’s Creation.

Satan’s lust for destruction

If you have ever wondered why there is so much hatred, violence, and wars raging throughout the world then you may find your answers in this book. With an adversary hell bent to destroy humanity and planet earth, is it any wonder that the influence to fight and kill motivates people to retaliate and seek vengeance? The Prophet Daniyl’s prophecy of four beasts and their characteristics, along with many other prophecies are detailed in this book.

It all comes down to a choice

To her credit, Satan’s lustful ways have brought complete chaos to our world as prophecy said she would – an adversary surrounds the land to bring man’s strength down. When it comes down to it, we only have two choices: Worship and serve Yahweh or worship and serve Satan. Read, Unveiling Satan, Her True Identity Revealed to determine whom you serve today. One fact stands sure – you are serving one of them right now. It is impossible to worship and serve both. So, which will it be, The Tree of Life (righteousness)  or the Tree of Righteousness and Evil (good/evil mix), Yahweh or Satan?

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