No doubt

With so many bible verses stating that the Sabbath is on Saturday, why are so few paying attention?

Yahweh created the seventh day of the week as the day to be observed as The Sabbath. A glance at a calendar and a dictionary check spells it out – Saturday is indeed the seventh day of the week. There is no doubt.

Yahweh said He did His work in six days and on the seventh, He rested. He then hallowed this day to be a Holy Day or a Sabbath of Rest. Over time, with a few well-crafted lies thrown in the mix, many have been deceived into choosing to keep Friday or Sunday as a day of worship, others claim it matters not which day you choose. Even among Saturday keepers, only a small fraction of people, observe the Sabbath as Yahweh commanded.

A Sabbath Rest is not synonymous with boring!

There is an awful lot of misconception surrounding how to keep the Sabbath. Yahweh said to keep it holy, and refrain from normal work. He said to rest. For many that sounds – boring.

As it turns out, boring is not at all the way to describe the keeping of the Sabbath. Yahweh declares the Sabbath as a special day, one that will continue for all generations. Don’t forget, this is Yahweh saying this. You will not find the words Yahweh and boring on the same page. Moreover, let’s not disregard the attributes that are ascribed to Yahweh either – thirteen characteristics that convey His loving-kindness. Therefore, since Yahweh made the Sabbath Day special, who would have the gall to disregard His Commandment?

Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the Seventh Day is the Sabbath of Yahweh your Father.

Observe the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy, as Yahweh your Father commanded.

History proves that some did disregard His Sabbath Commandment, and acting with impunity – they manipulated and falsified the Scriptures – they lied then, they lie now.

The Sabbath Day, Every Question Answered exposes the fallacies right, left, and center. From the Easter Sunday lie to the gross deceitful teachings that the “old laws were nailed to the cross,” this informative 594-page book, gives ample reason to pause and re-evaluate what has been taught by religions following the Messiah’s murder. Prior to and during the Savior’s Life on earth – the seventh day Sabbath was a given – in other words people kept the Sabbath.

The Savior did not change the Seventh Day Sabbath to the First Day Sunday

In His lifetime, Yahshua was both student and teacher of the Sabbath. As a young man, he studied in the sacred precincts of the temple – asking and answering questions. As the Son of Man, a Teacher of Righteousness, a Teacher of Yahweh’s Law, He expounded, magnified, and made honorable the written Law and the writings of the Prophets. Keeping the Sabbath Day was an integral part of His teachings, it was the weekday in which He did many of the works we are familiar – teaching the multitudes, healing the sick, and forgiving sinners. He defied those who violated the Sabbath because they made a mockery of Father Yahweh’s Law.

Come on… Seriously?

Given that He was such an ardent teacher and supporter of the Sabbath – why would anyone think that He would change the day? Since He so obviously loved Yahweh’s Law, why would He live and breathe it, model and teach it, then say … “Oh well, I think it’s useless, impossible, so let’s get rid of it, Yahweh.”

Moreover, there is some additional history here – the Saturday/Sunday switch came many years after His death. Who gave whom permission to do that?

If you are searching for answers to these and similar questions, The Sabbath, Every Question Answered, may be the book you need.

The Seventh Day Sabbath is a day to set you, your family, and friends apart from those who ignore Yahweh’s Laws. Today’s world is in a confused religious mess – there are reasons. Learn more today.