Devil Worship The Shocking Facts


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Devil worship is not what you think it is! For that matter, neither is God worship…

Religious talk generates all sorts of theories, philosophies, and of course – opinions. From non-believers to fanatics, and everywhere in between, people are ‘everywhere’ when it comes to religion. Some freely admit to having questions and getting no answers, while others adamantly cling to beliefs, handed down generation after generation – religious scandal, hypocrisy, or outright lies do little to deter long-held faiths.
Tripping upon the information found in this book, Devil Worship the Shocking Facts, is no easy trip! As the minutes, hours, and days tick past, as the full ramifications of knowing that god worship/devil worship is one-in-the-same, well, it is SHOCKING…

We’ve been shanghaied…

That’s right – we’ve been tricked and underhandedly forced to give our thanks and admiration to God(s). The sad fact is that people all over the world pray to God in vain. God is not our Creator. God is an impostor. Your own bible affirms that God/god(s) have no actual power. Yahweh is our Father and He is certainly not a god. Devil Worship the Shocking Facts exposes when, how, and why the deception entered into the Holy Writings. Described as the “lying pens of the scribes,” by the Prophet Yeremyah (Jeremiah), men took it upon themselves to make the changes – the “god on earth” mentality. Of all the damage that followed – and the list is extensive, none compares to the removal of Yahweh’s Name and the contemptible replacement of useless titles such as Lord, God, Adonai, and Jehovah.

The damage is extensive but the recovery will be awesome…

Yahweh states that His “people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Devil Worship the Shocking Facts gives us the knowledge we need to bring health, joy, prosperity, and peace to the world we inhabit. As we look around our planet today, which is easy to do with advanced technology, we see our world slowly but steadily falling apart. Disease, famine, drought, unnatural natural disasters, crime, violence, and wars take lives by the millions. These are the results of god worship the world over; these are the results of a people without their Father Yahweh and His Loving Guiding Laws of Life.

Devil Worship the Shocking Facts uncovers it all…

Prepare your mind for an education in truth, unlocking all those mysteries because we all have the right to know, we all have the right to choose who we worship – Treacherous Gods or Loving Father. The following is but a partial list of what to expect in this 600-page book…

• The Mark of Cain and continual war
• The Trees in the Garden of Eve
• Building a High Tower recorded in Genesis
• AIDS and STDs as the epidemic spirals out of control
• Easter – hot cross buns and egg laying rabbits
• Ancient fertility rites and connection to modern holidays
• Daniyl, Isayah’s prophecies, Revelation, and 7 year tribulation
• Two Witnesses, Yahweh’s Finishing Work – the Great Success Story

Today, you can connect with Yahweh. You can seek Him, His House, His Teachers of Righteousness, and His Last Days’ Witness, Yisrayl Hawkins. Knowledge will bring stability back. Knowledge will bring peace to our suffering world. Knowledge can end the effects of devil/god worship in your life.

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5 reviews for Devil Worship The Shocking Facts

  1. Kenneth Jeffery

    What an awesome book!! These are some real shocking facts. This book is very detailed and well written and supplies great source information.

  2. Elizabeth

    This is a real shocker. These facts are undeniable when you understand the mixture that we are handed down you realize how things are not what they seem. Great read hard not put the book down. If you want an understanding of why we have so many traditions.

  3. Robert Franza

    This is a great book. It truly exposes the false teachings found in all of our mainstream religions in that, they are guilty of following Satan the devil, the Queen of heaven, evident by what they teach and practice. The fact is satan/devil worship is an internationally accepted practice and custom, that began with the first man and woman, passed down to the future generations, up to this present time period. Upon reading this fascinating book you’ll discover that satanism is intergrated into our religions, politics, governments, customs, cultures, educational establishments, business, media, music, movie and entertainment industries. You will come to the realization that this satanism is the cause of all the horrors we see in the world today.

  4. Kepha Reynolds

    It’s hard to believe how deep this rabbit hole really goes, but inside this book are the facts that link many seemingly harmless practices that are widely accepted in this world to the worship of satan! Not a stretch of imagination, but undeniable facts, with references for you to check for yourself. If you value being educated, you need this book!

  5. Hananyah Aguirre

    This Book I am still reading today I was totally aww struck over the amount of different holidays, practices, and rituals that tie back to something that it is just I don’t even know what to say. I will say that this book is so worth everything and reading, because after I read some of this book let me be honest I was just sooo blown away I was like really, seriously such a simple practice ties to this or that, oh my word what really was I taking part in when I didn’t know Yahweh or have all this information. Who was I really worshipping? All I can say is this book is deep and I have to say it is also one of my best loved books aside from My Holy Scriptures. I say this is my best Loved book because it taught me truth and information that I have never read anywhere else and I do read a lot I love reading.

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