A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

In response to efforts to build weaponry by the nations, Yisrayl Hawkins speaks clearly saying, force does not change people in positive ways; it only builds hate. Yahweh’s Laws are the only tools needed to change the hearts and minds today.

The Greatest Teacher in the world began services today with news articles he received from our brother and friend, the Great Kohan Yedidiyah…

• Yisrayl has touted the benefits of salt for years; his source of information comes straight from the Holy Scriptures. Looks like science has caught up with our teacher once again by saying that lowering sodium levels can increase insulin resistance in article titled Salt Not So Bad After All.
• The World Health Association, states that diabetes has increased from 108 million in 1980 to a whopping 422 million in 2014, still laying most of the blame on sugar. Yisrayl does not hold back, stating there is much more to it than that. Sin is still the main culprit; however, low sodium diets, as advised by physicians, are a large contributor as the previous article plainly shows.
• What is the third leading cause of death in US? Answer: medical error

Addressing these problems, Yisrayl brings us back to Genesis 20:3. He explains that the words “other gods,” from the King James Version mean hinder gods and that the gods have taken a stance against Yahweh and His Laws – they are in defiance of Yahweh. Of course, this is Satan’s way and her servants – those who carry out this stance and open defiance of Yahweh today are none other than the doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc.

Rehearsing Yeremyah 23:14-15, Yisrayl explains the Prophet’s words by helping us understand what occurred in Genesis Chapter Six. It is not that Yahweh regretted creating mankind, but Yahweh made man subject to vanity. That vanity is expressed as defiance to Yahweh’s Laws. Therefore, that vanity brings curses to the earth, which in turns brings curses to mankind.

Thankfully, we have the One Sent by Yahweh and he teaches us about the microorganisms and their jobs, according to how Yahweh created them. When sin fills the earth, the microbes cannot do their jobs. That is what occurred as far back as Genesis 6, which describes the great flood. The microbes could not fulfill their tasks at that time and the waters above came down full-force because of their absence.

We have similar conditions today, but we also have Yahweh’s Promise as seen in the rainbow. To that, we have Yisrayl, who teaches us Yahweh’s Way. Although the potential is there for another great flood, Prophecies show that this time it will be burning.

Following the prophesied nuclear burning, we, Yahweh’s Family of Believers, will teach the two billion who remain alive. They, in turn, will accept Yahweh’s Laws, return to their respective lands, and begin the generations’ long project of restoring health to the microorganisms and healing to the earth.

In conclusion, we are reminded of Yisrayl’s teaching on the fact that without Yahweh’s Laws, all efforts to restore the earth and work with the microorganisms will prove futile.