“Chipping Away” Deception

Most of us are familiar with The House of Yahweh teachings, which chip away at that “great mountain of deception” that has engulfed the whole world.

Therefore, it came as no surprise that this Feast provided more chipping and more understanding of the Holy Writings as taught by the Great Kohans.

The Feast brought much opportunity for learning and rejoicing. We sat at the feet of Yisrayl – the Greatest Teacher in the world – which is always a joy. Several Kohans, Judges, Kohanahs, Deacons, Deaconesses, and scores of children taught us as well. All in all, we are thankful for what we received by “asking” at Abel.

As many are thankfully aware, we oftentimes receive more than we ask for. Such is the way in The House of Yahweh. Passover 2016 brought us a few extras to stir up our understanding and appreciation for Yahweh’s timing on bringing us new (not so new, but new for us) information. Hope you enjoy this review…

Note: In this blog, we have taken the liberty to do a little “dramatization” for the sake of interest, information, and the sheer joy of the Truth, once revealed.

Chipping Away #1
A Tale of Two Abbreviations

The story of BC and AD (AKA BCE and CE) is a complex, deceptive, and ultimately, controlling account of the toppling of a Name.

Furthermore, it is a tale of ruthless, ambitious men, who through lies, torture, murder, literally terrorized millions and millions of people from the days of Cain to the days of Yahshua, and onward to our present time.

BC and AD may seem like two very small players in the history of man, but their existence is the result of thousands of years of mismanagement and cruelty.

Moreover, and most importantly, they are a testimony of the selfless life of our King and Ruler, Yahshua Messiah. His Life and His Teachings had such a profound effect upon mankind that the official recording of years changed completely because of His contribution. Furthermore, He fulfilled a major part of Yahweh’s overall future-plan to restore peace and harmony upon the earth and throughout the universe.

However, with such great significance, A Tale of Two Abbreviations is marred by trickery and deceit. Few today realize that hidden in these false letters (BC/AD) is a false messiah with a false teaching, and the victims are found far and wide in the minds and hearts of the deceived.

Thankfully, victims of this duplicity have reason to stand up and cheer. Yisrayl Hawkins has exposed the sordid history of ruthless men who undermine Yahweh, His Laws, His Son, and His Last Days’ Work.

Knowing the True Name of the Savior, a Name that means “Yahweh will save His people from their sins” offers a new and living hope, a renewed covenant relationship between Yahweh and mankind.

In honor of our High Priest, Yahshua, A Tale of Two Abbreviations now and forever more, magnifies His selfless life. Before Yahshua (BY) and After Yahshua (AY) captures the truth and a wellspring of meaning.

In Conclusion: The abbreviations, BY and AY, now play a notable role in assisting Yahweh’s servants to usher in the Kingdom of Yahweh.

It’s like this – when Yahweh finally opens the minds of our two billion men, women and children, they are going to “flip” over this information. For that we say, “Praise Yahweh!”

Chipping Away #2
Fisherman Turned Swordsman? Huh?

While most people are familiar with the incident that took place on the night Yahshua was betrayed and subsequently arrested, very few, if any, question the absurdities surrounding the ear slicing of a Roman soldier by the Apostle Kepha (Peter), until now…

As chipping away deception goes, this one is a dandy, and in its wake, the restored writing calls for a renewed commitment for Righteous behavior among followers of Yahshua.

Taking a Look at the Absurdities…

1. The Holy Scriptures say that the Apostle Kepha (Peter) was a fisherman. He descended from a family of fishermen. His father was a fisherman and his brothers were fishermen. His first cousins and neighbors were probably… you guessed it, fishermen.

How then did the Apostle Kepha acquire expert skills of a swordsman? Expert? Yes, he must have been an expert because he skillfully sliced off an ear, and only an ear. That was precision work.

So, where did he get this training? Hmmm, great question. Answer: he didn’t. The Roman soldiers engaged in battles, not the fishermen born and raised along the coast. They were… well… fishing.

Furthermore, let’s not forget another key point. The Apostle Kepha was a Disciple of Yahshua. That rather says it all, right?

2. Another quirky aspect of this story is the Roman soldiers themselves. As the account goes, Kepha took a swipe at one of their comrades.

Yisrayl made a great point at the Feast. He compared that night with something we could relate to today. Imagine a few police officers standing by, doing nothing, while an irate citizen attacked one of their own. Not. Going. To. Occur!

What did occur that night…

For that insight, the Great Kohan Yahodah dove into the books and brought us an in-depth word study. Going over verses from Mattithyah 26:51-56, Yahchanan Mark 14:47, Luke 22:49-51, Yahchanan 18:10-11, the Kohan explains what Kepha’s actions were that night and the use of a sword was not a physical weapon but rather the cutting words of the tongue. The word “sword” in the above verses means false, slanderous tongue, to be enraged, cut off, and wrath.

In other words, the Apostle Kepha cursed the Roman soldier and Yahshua Messiah corrected him on the abusive, hateful language.

With that in mind, Kohan Yahodah exhorts each of us to be mindful of our words, to refrain from cursing, and take-to-heart the Righteous teaching in Ecclesiastes 5:1-2, which states – Be more ready to listen than to give the sacrifice of fools.