Yahshua’s Memorial

Two thousand years ago, Yahshua Messiah willingly died at the hands of cruel, ruthless men. He had committed no crime. He had committed no sin. He had pleased Yahweh in every way. He qualified to be Yahweh’s Passover Lamb. He paid the ultimate price for the sins of mankind. He gave His life.

On this night at Abel

Yisrayl Hawkins challenges and rectifies an ongoing inaccuracy, a blatant lie that is an insult to our High Priest.

Yahshua should be honored for what He endured on our behalf, yet the world mocks Him. This is obvious by the continuous use of the terms BC and AD. Christ is the name of a useless pagan god. BC and AD are an insult to Yahshua’s sacrifice. Yahshua’s Name has been ignored; yet, His Name is key to Yahweh’s Plan. The Name Yahshua means, “Yahweh Will Save His People from Their Sins”.

BC/AD corrected to BY/AY

From this time forth, that deliberate error now stands corrected. For all eternity, the impact of Yahshua’s Life will be known as BY and AY (Before Yahshua and After Yahshua). Praise Yahweh for our High Priest and King!

Yisrayl asks us to comprehend what Yahshua endured on behalf of our sins and the sins of the entire world. The following are a few of the points he presented…

1. Yahshua Knew What He Would Suffer

• Yahshua had witnessed the cruelty of the Roman soldiers; therefore, He knew what was going to befall Him at their hands. With that in mind, Yisrayl asks us to consider a specific hour in Yahshua’s life.
• As He partook of the bread and wine with His Disciples and instructed them to be servants to one another, in that one last hour with His friends and co-workers, Yahshua endured the torment of what was to come.
• Yisrayl described the crown of thorns, the tearing of his beard, the cruel mockery, and hours of torture before He was nailed to a stake to die.

2. Yahshua Guards the Tree of Life

• Yahshua knows everything about us.
• He will not permit those who serve the Gods to receive Eternal Life and be part of Yahweh’s Righteous Family.
• Yahshua was tested and tried in every possible way; yet, He did not sin.
• We are being tested and tried at this time and to those who overcome – Eternal Life and positions in Yahweh’s Kingdom await.

3. Yahshua Qualifies For The Ruling Staff

• Genesis 49 speaks of the Last Days. Yisrayl wants everyone to understand that the verses recorded in Genesis 49 did not describe the one-time sins of Yaaqob’s twelve sons, but rather are a collection of Prophecies describing what the world would be like in the Last Days.
• Thanks to our Teacher, we have been taught to understand Genesis 49 thoroughly. We recognize the world that surrounds us at this time – news broadcasts easily attest to the facts. Lust, hatred, violence, cruelty, and anger are manifested daily, and the results devastate the entire world via disease, famine, drought, flooding, crime, abuse, greed, and the ever-present threat of war, including nuclear war.
• Yahshua owns the authority of Lawgiver described in this chapter – He qualified for it and tribute belongs to Him. However, one little word shows His office is pending; that significant little word is “until”.

4. Beginning in 1934

We know, from Yisrayl’s teachings, that the transfer of “Lawgiver” from the ruthless, violent men who occupy the seven hills of Rome to the High Priest over The House of Yahweh is contingent on several prophetic factors. The following is a few of the main points that directly affect that “until-stage” recorded in Genesis 49…

• Daniyl’s Prophecy of increased knowledge
• Yahshua’s Prophecies of the worst time ever
• The woman (mother) in the wilderness
• The birth of the Last Days’ Witness in Oklahoma
• The age of the computer
• The invention of nuclear bombs

5. Norah

As per Yahshua’s instruction, every year Yahweh’s people acknowledge the work and loyalty of a woman named, Norah. She did Yahshua a great service prior to His death, and for that reason we honor her. On this night, we lift our voices in song to her memory. Norah, Yisrayl, and Yahshua Messiah serve as our examples today.

In addition, Yisrayl spoke about the two trees given in Genesis; he exhorted us not to partake of Godworship. He stated we are the only ones who worship Yahshua, and Yahweh’s Covenant is being renewed within us as Yahweh’s Laws fill our hearts and govern our actions.

Scriptural references: Genesis 49, Isayah 53, and II Corinthians 11:23-24

In Conclusion: Pastor asks us to examine ourselves thoroughly and make every effort to “get it right” this time. We must obey and submit to the teachings of The House of Yahweh and be steadfast to partake of The Tree of Life.