A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

We thank Yahweh for His Servant Yisrayl, who does not hesitate to correct and encourage us on a regular basis. Reminding us that we ought to be thankful, for Yahweh has indeed redeemed us from our past sins and given us the great opportunity to learn His Laws today. We know we belong to Yahweh, and we have the promise of Eternal Life as well as a teaching role in the Kingdom. We can be part of ending sin throughout the world and universe.

Sons of Yisrayl Abel, Deacon Yeshurun and Deacon Melchizedek began services with sermonettes on where true justice is taught today and how we can obtain Eternal Life and a position in Yahweh’s Kingdom.

The Great Deacon Mark continued with his topic on the Comforter. He went over Isayah 11:1-2, broke down the words, as he expounded on the topic. Furthermore, he read verses from Yahchanan 14, which clearly present Yisrayl Hawkins as the Comforter that Yahshua promised us for the Last Days.

The news today gave us pause as the Great Kohan Yliyah stressed the importance of listening to Yisrayl’s prophetic teachings as Prophecy meets fact in a recent speech given by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
• In his speech, Mr. Putin attempts to reason with journalists who thus far have turned their coverage of events away from what is really going on.
• Using Iran as a false justification for building NATO missiles in Europe, the president spells out clearly where future confrontations are going to go – war; that is, nuclear war.
Also in the news:
• UK separating from the EU with primary reasons as high costs and refusal of refugees
• US House of Representatives hold a sit-in protest over gun control and the lack thereof
• The City of Oakland has had 3 chiefs of police within a week, as citizens take charge and speak up against a disgusting culture that involves sexual scandal within the police department
• Stay away from pools (certainly Yisrayl has been saying that for a while), as pools contain a poisonous substance when chlorine and urine mix in the water
• Refugee numbers are astounding, last year brought the total to 65.3 million men, women, and children displaced from their homes (the math is 24 people/min)

Our Great Teacher, Yisrayl, rehearsed several Scriptures from Isayah and Revelations, which show the work of the Two Witnesses and the end of their prophesied work to bring peace to the nations. Giving definitions for the words Coptic Catholic, we recognize the plots of Satan to destroy both mankind and Yahweh’s Plan.

On a joyous note, in the past thirty days, 144 nations have clicked onto Yahweh.com. The numbers do not lie; people are interested in the Work of Yahweh and His Servant Yisrayl. Yisrayl challenges us to look for the names of the witnesses on Yisrayl Says Program and see written Prophecy for this time, starting in 1934.

On the Quartet, Pastor points out that their mission of bringing peace to the Middle East and beyond has failed. It now stands divided. However, 10 nations recently met at the Vatican and this fact connects more than a few prophetic dots. Yisrayl states there is more to come on the subject – so we need to stay tuned…

Yisrayl also went over verses from both of the Apostle Kepha’s letters, and he refreshed our minds to the fact that the soon-coming devastation will come as no surprise to those who have been attentive to his teachings. Therefore, knowing all that we know, what manner of person ought we to be at this time? Great question, and undoubtedly we know the answer – Righteous. Pastor encourages us, as the Apostle did, to remain steadfast and never turn back to the ways of the gods and the evilness of sin.

We conclude on the fact that Prophecy is being fulfilled at this time, and of course, fulfilled Prophecy is proof that Yahweh will do what He has purposed to do from the beginning. He is allowing mankind to go his own way, to prove what Yahweh has said all along – there is no peace without the Laws of Peace.

Yisrayl tells it to us straight, “Get stronger, not weaker,” and remember The House of Yahweh is the burning bush that will never go out.