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Don’t be fooled by the Events in this World! This booklet shows the Prophecies of the Nuclear War which will soon engulf this world.

The worship of the Father in Yerusalem, on Mount Zion, ceased with the destruction of the temple. Since the worship of Yahweh would not be in Mt. Zion, nor in Yerusalem, WHERE then would Yahweh be worshiped?

A Cult is not actually what you think! This in-depth booklet shows Cults for “who” or “what” they are.

Contrary to what is normally taught and understood, the next temple will not be built where the Dome of the Rock now stands…

The Holy Days

What doctrine does the New Testament hold to be the Sabbath? Did the Savior change the Sabbath when He walked and taught on this earth?

The Feasts of Yahweh mean more than just a great time. Special blessings are promised to those who observe these Holy Events, not the least of which is the Promise of Protection from the soon coming Great Tribulation to all those who keep Yahweh’s Sabbaths Holy.

Many are led astray by the Christian doctrine called “communion.” Find out the vital truths on the eternal marrage represented in this Special event.

Don’t be one of the millions who will keep Yahweh’s Passover and Yahshua’s Memorial wrong!

Doctrine and Ordinances

The Truths concerning Baptism have been substituted with many counterfeits. Find out how you can be baptized to receive Yahweh’s Holy Spirit.

This booklet exposes the reasons why this world continues to acquire disease after disease. What can we do to prevent ourselves and our loved ones from the menance of the horrible disease epidemics which have already come upon this world?

Where do Financial Blessings come from? What can we do to get them? What can we do to avoid being cursed financially?

This booklet explores myths taught about drinking, where drugs come from, how Satan uses Drugs to promote her work, and what Scriptures really teach about drugs and drinking.


In our world today, millions of prayers are said daily which are never heard by the Heavenly Father. There is a simple reason why these prayers are not answered.

The Creator ALONE has the right to be worshiped. Do you know for sure that your are worshiping the Heavenly Father?

So you worship the Lord God Jesus Christ? Who is he? Where did he come from? What do Scripture and history have to say about this being?

The whole world teaches that we are to worship in “Spirit and in Truth,” but denies the very Laws taught in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. What did the Apostle, who is called Paul (in most Bible Versions), teach about Yahweh’s Laws.

Deceived preachers say Enoch was taken to heaven without having to see death. Your own bible shows that all those who have died in The Faith have not yet received their promised inheritance.

Modern Holidays

Did Christmas always seem false to you? A BIG LIE? See how this myth has been handed down from generation to generation, and what the Prophets such as Jeremiah had to say about it. –

Who is “really” getting TRICKED? –

So, you thought it was only a “tradition” begun by the Pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower? Read the truth about it! –

Chocolate, hearts and flowers…The origin of this “holiday” will shock you! –

The churches teach of a Sunday morning resurrection. What do the Scriptures teach? How could this be misunderstood by the churches?

Does our Creator approve of the observance of this day, or does He condemn it in the Scriptures?-

Could the celebration of birthdays come from Ancient Pagan Festivals of Godworship? Find out the Truth about birthdays

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