A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

(Daniyl 8:16-17) Man of Yahweh, make this man understand the vision. So he came near where I stood, and when he approached, I was frightened and fell down upon my face. But he said to me: Understand, O son of man, for the fulfillment of the vision belongs to events that will take place in the time of the end.

On this day, the Prophecy that was spoken by the Prophet Daniyl has been fulfilled.

Before Yisrayl spoke, we heard from Deacon Buffalo Bill, Deacon Shalomo, Deacon Yahaqob, Deacon Tsephanyah Rotalsky and the Great Kohan Yliyah who presented today’s news film.

Our Great Teacher, Yisrayl Hawkins delivered an exciting and VERY informative sermon. Going over Genesis 49, exposing the Tribe of Yahdah to this present time of the end, Yisrayl rehearsed several news articles pointing to their evil practices. He further supported his statements using Yahshua’s words to describe the last part of the last generation. (Mattithyah 24)

A few points Yisrayl covered on Yahdah…
• This tribe is scattered throughout the world at this time.
• They still hold the ruling scepter, which means they are ruling the kings of the earth as Revelation 17 reveals.
• As part of the Children of Israyl, they took their Godworship with them, mixed it with the Gods of Egypt, and spread deception throughout the world.
• Their evil is shown in Genesis 49; however, this evil traced back to Cain. “Why are you so angry, Cain?” To that, Yisrayl asks various leaders the same question, “Why are you so angry?” Of course, the answer lies in their lack of Righteousness – their lack of Yahweh’s Laws.

They (Yahdah, AKA the Vatican, the divining serpent) will hold this ruling position until the obedience of the nations turn to Yahshua.
• This will take place when they (the fours horns on the altar) finally destroy themselves via nuclear war.
• All that remains is the finishing work of the Oslo Two-State-Solution leading to a declaration of Peace, Peace, True Peace, and then the sudden prophesied destruction will come – finishing the altar of death once and for all.

Yahshua Speaks to HOY…
Revelation 1:1 and Hebrews 1:1-3 lay the foundation for the awesome topic Yisrayl presented today.
• From Revelation 1:1, Pastor explains the meaning of the word “signified” as “communicated”, and this teaching reveals our Father Yahweh’s brilliant Mind and ability to keep hidden vital information to be only revealed at a set time in history.
• Revelation 1:10, Mattithyah 24:10, Genesis 49:8-11, Zecharyah 6:11-13, Daniyl 8:16-17 are all key verses Yisrayl read to explain how Yahweh presented this Last Days’ Work to His Servants the Prophets, to record the events and explanations for us to read, study, and understand thoroughly once the seals were opened.

In a nutshell…
Yahchanan (who wrote the Book of Revelation) and Daniyl (who wrote the Book of Daniyl), saw visions and heard teachings from a future day. They did not understand what they saw or what they heard, but they were faithful servants and recorded events, as they received them.

In Conclusion, we take a little liberty and re-write Revelation 1:1 following our Teacher’s sermon today.

The Revelation of Yahshua Messiah, which Yahweh gave to Him, to show His Servants things, which must shortly come to pass, and He sent and “communicated it” through His “Messengers–the Last Days’ House of Yahweh and the Witness, Yisrayl Hawkins”–to His servant Yahchanan.