A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

And because iniquity; the breaking of Yahweh’s Law, will abound, the love of the many will grow cold. (Mattithyah 24:12)

On this day, we heard from several speakers, including Yisrayl Hawkins, who supported Yahshua’s Words by reading and discussing current news events attesting to the lack of Yahweh’s Laws at this time, which would demonstrate True Love, throughout the world.

•    The city of Chicago leads in the number of murders so far this year. A staggering 391 the murder of bystanders and innocent children.

•    The Israeli/Palestinian conflict continues to worsen in the streets.

•    The tension in the South China Sea is escalating.

•    Pharmaceutical usage continues to rise amidst a time when we see global sickness and disease at an all-time high.

•    STDs continue to plague humanity, and spikes in several common diseases are attributed to the increased numbers of men and women/boys and girls who tap into dating apps. Pastor explains what the words app and swipe mean and how sin is common to both. Do religions teach people to stop sinning?

•    Veggie hot dogs were discovered to be tainted with human DNA, and the presence of meat goes a long way to negate the word “veggie.”

•    NASA photos of Saturn show the hexagram formation on the planet’s North Pole with an eye shape at its south. Today we see several representations of these in the world and a review of Saturn brought many of the facts to the forefront.

•    Vatican corruption exposes that not all moneys destined for the poor and needy went to those in need but rather into the Vatican coffers.

•    The pork tapeworm has the potential to cause tremendous harm to the human body and may specifically target the brain. Yahweh’s Laws, which clearly state not to eat scavenging-type animals, proves He is right; animals, such as swine, should not be consumed.

In addition to the news, we learned more about specific numbers, dates, and their meanings. A review on gifts and the giving of gifts, as well as a recap on tests and trials using the Yisrayl Hawkins Says Program, bring Pastor’s teachings to our attention.

In Conclusion: Two thousand years ago, the Disciples wrote Yahshua’s Warning that in our day, we would see the greatest increase in sickness and disease. The skyrocketing incidences of STDs, alone, prove that the Savior knew what He was talking about for these Last Days. (Mattithyah 24:7, 21-22)