A Recap of Sabbath Services at the Great House of Yahweh…

Today’s sermon was Hebrews 10:24 in action. Let us consider one another, how we may urge one another on toward love and Righteous Works. Praise Yahweh for the teaching we receive from Yahweh’s House.

Sons of Yisrayl Abel Odahyah and Deacon Shalomo gave inspiring speeches to encourage Yahweh’s People to uphold and follow Yahweh’s Laws. From the necessity for clean foods in order to avoid curses that accompany unclean foods such as pork to a rehearsal on time management skills from The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program, today’s messages were uplifting and encouraging.

The Great Kohan Michayl gave a mini-presentation to introduce the updated website most of us are familiar with, www.yahweh.com.

The Great Kohan Shaul began with Revelation 22:12, which addresses the rewards that will accompany Yahshua’s return and, as the verse specifies, the rewards will be according to our works. The Kohan explains that our actions and decisions – whether Righteous or evil – will determine our reward.

Therefore, he admonishes each of us to remove every spot/blemish and hold fast (that is, practice) what Yahweh, Yahshua, and Yisrayl Hawkins teach.

He exhorts us by reiterating Yahweh’s Plan, as is revealed in Genesis 1:26. The reason we were created, and our purpose at this time in history, is to fulfill that verse. Yahweh is only working with a small group at this time, giving us reason to rejoice through difficult times. We do not celebrate in the misery we see all around us, but rather, we rejoice is what lies ahead in the Great Kingdom of Yahweh.

Kohan Shaul furthers today’s message with a review on the dangers of visitation and partying. He cited both Righteous and unrighteous scriptural examples, while rehearsing the teachings of Yisrayl Hawkins. It is obvious that Yahweh’s Laws of ownership serve to guard and protect Yahweh’s People from all manner of sin, which leads to sickness, disease, fighting, and death.

Explaining Proverbs 25:17 KJV, the Kohan gave in-depth meaning of Hebrew words, which clearly reveal the error of unlawful gatherings, whether among friends or relatives. The potential for harm is constant and warrants our heeding the words of the Priests in Yahweh’s House.

In a nutshell, visitation and partying is, at minimum, a waste of time and, at maximum, a temptation to sin against Yahweh, therefore we are admonished to channel our energy into areas of productivity toward our goal of achieving a Righteous reward when Yahshua returns.

•    Seek first the Kingdom of Yahweh
•    Seek the Righteousness of Yahweh
•    Come to Yahweh’s Gathering on Sabbath, New Moons, and Feasts
•    Humble ourselves to the teaching from Yahweh’s House

In conclusion: The Great Kohan Shaul supported his sermon with many positive verses from The Book of Yahweh. We were greatly blessed with the review and correction, which are indeed Words of Life to the believers.