A modern day miracle

If a book could speak to recount its arduous journey to reach the hands of its reader, then The Book of Yahweh would have an amazing tale to recount. From the earliest writings of Abel and Mosheh (Moses) to the startling visions of Yahchanan in the Book of Revelation – the Holy Writings have progressed through time and survived to bring its life-giving words to the reader of today. Falsified writings and book burnings notwithstanding, Yahweh preserved His inspired teachings, prophecies, warnings, and hope – evidence of His Power and Might – a modern day miracle!

Stands apart from the others

The Book of Yahweh stands apart from all translations of the Bible solely by the fact that in a set time, Yahweh Himself would guarantee that The Truth of His Holy Name, His Laws, and Prophecies would present itself upon a world stage one last time before the coming of the Marvelous Day of Yahweh.

“The Kingdom of Yahweh is at hand,” said the Savior, Yahshua Messiah.

His Life’s work, through the efforts of His disciples and their followers began our modern day miracle and the work of the Last Days Witness, Yisrayl and his followers bring that labor to completion at this time.

Search out The Book of Yahweh and read! The book itself is a testimony of time and inspired direction of Yahweh, the Living Heavenly Father, and Creator of all life.