December 2012

  If the Savior ran for President, who would vote for Him? Download as PDF My Dear Friends, The Inspired Scriptures, written by the Holy Prophets, contained in what is known today by most people as the Holy Bible, are what most people believe that the religions all over the earth are following. [...]

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November 2012

  Download as PDF My Dear Friends, Look at judgments of the Savior and consider yourself because your judgment is at hand. The Savior, Whom your fathers murdered, by His Actions and Teachings, has been given all judgment. That means He is the Judge of the judge and jury that found Sandusky guilty. [...]

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October 2012

  Download as PDF My Dear Friends, Yahweh inspired His Prophets to show that knowledge would be increased in the last generation. With that knowledge, mankind, due to his lack of moral character, would invent the computer, which is capable of storing a vast amount of knowledge, and then use that computer to [...]

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September 2012

  My Dear Friends, Yahweh's Only Plan for creating mankind is to make them into Righteous beings like Yahweh Himself and to give mankind Authority to rule as Yahweh rules. Yahweh inspired His Prophets to write for mankind this Plan and His Righteous Laws for mankind to practice, to guide them to perfection. Compare the [...]

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August 2012

  Download as PDF My Dear Friends, Saying that the cross is the tree of life is complete deception, by unbelievers who actually fight against Yahweh's Way of Eternal Life for all people. The Tree Of Life The Tree of Life is the complete Plan of Yahweh for mankind, which includes ten Perfectly [...]

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July 2012

  Download as PDF My Dear Friends, The Creator's Name is Yahweh. We have tons of proof and will be glad to send it to you. Just call, write, or email us for the information on the Name Yahweh. The Creator, Yahweh, as shown by the Prophets of Yahweh, inspired the Book of [...]

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June 2012

  Download as PDF My Dear Friends, Before there is no turning back from the path to the burning lake of fire, you need to consider the following Scriptures in your own bible. The Book of Revelation is the last Inspired Scriptures added to the Inspired Books known as the Holy Bible. In [...]

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May 2012

  Download as PDF My Dear Friends, Nuclear wars are coming very soon and they will catch the majority of the world totally off guard. There is a lot of chaos in the world today, but nothing like what you will see in the near future. Envision a nuclear bomb exploding over your [...]

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April 2012

  Download as PDF My Dear Friends, It's always surprising, amazing, and exciting to bible scholars when I show them world events and how Yahweh's Holy Prophets, Apostles and Savior, Yahshua Messiah, prophesied future events in such detail. Sometimes, they exclaim with loyal cries, "Why aren't the religions teaching these Prophecies today?" It [...]

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March 2012

    Download as PDF My Dear Friends, The last revelation to mankind that Yahweh chose to be placed in the Inspired Scriptures called the Book of Revelation shows that Satan has deceived the whole world. Revelation 12:9— And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the devil, and Satan, [...]

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February 2012

  Download as PDF My Dear Friends, Great Catholic thinking, huh? Murder them and send them all to heaven, then we will all pretend we love them, decorate their sepulchers, light candles to them, declare them as saints and ask them to answer our prayers. These're some of the hidden mysteries of the [...]

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January 2012

  \ Download as PDF   Dear Help, You would be amazed at the amount of letters we get with this same alarm. When people start reading their bibles for themselves, the first thing they notice is that the religions are not teaching the Holy Scriptures. The way the bible says will bring [...]

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