July 2012

Click Here To Download The PDF   My Dear Friends, Sorceries and witchcraft are practiced mostly by Catholics and Christians, but it's even more widespread than that. All religions today, except The House of Yahweh located in Abilene, Texas, are involved in sorceries and witchcraft in many ways. Download as PDF The one [...]

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January 2012

  DOWNLOAD PDF Why was there no House of Yahweh established on earth for almost two thousand years? And what happened to the one Solomon built? Download as PDF Only the Name, Yahweh, carries the Perfect Attributes of our Creator, His Name is His Glory. Mosheh asked Yahweh to show him His Glory. [...]

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December 2012

Click Here To Download The PDF   The Writings In The Clouds! Since August 25, 2011, we have been seeing signs in the heavens, just above The House of Yahweh and campgrounds. The same acts of power were also shown to the Apostles in their span of work after the murder of Yahshua, until the [...]

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November 2012

Click Here To Download The PDF If seems as though mankind cannot get concerned about certain matters until he is affected to the point of pain, then he finally wakes up to the fact that something is definitely wrong. We are at that point now when what man has done to the earth and firmament [...]

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August 2012

  Click Here To Download The PDF First Written By Yahweh's Prophets The Prophecies of the White Buffalo were first written by the Inspired Prophets of Yahweh, who wrote the first part of The Book of Yahweh, called by many the "Old Testament" after it was translated into the English language. So why are different [...]

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June 2012

  My Dear Friends, Children worldwide, including America, are being taught to commit fornication, adultery, sodomy and bestiality. We know that many people are unaware of this being taught in the schools, churches, homes, and now in the armed forces. * Pupils to be taught about sex at seven Download as PDF Children [...]

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April/May 2012

      If this were the case, I would be skeptical too; because of the fact that these words have been used against the Prophets of Yahweh. They were also used against the Savior, Yahshua Messiah, and His twelve Disciples. They are still being used today against many forms of Righteousness and against Yahweh's [...]

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March 2012

    My Dear Friends, On August 25, 2011 this cloud appeared over the house and land where the Work of Yahweh was first started and dedicated to Yahweh. Download as PDF I had driven from the present Sanctuary at Abel, which sits on forty-four acres of campgrounds where we celebrate Yahweh's Feasts, [...]

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February 2012

    My Dear Friends, The reason there is so much sickness and disease such as STDs, cancer, heart and blood disease throughout the world is because the popes changed Yahweh's Laws in the minds and hearts of the people. Download as PDF Now Prophecy shows, for this generation, that nuclear wars are [...]

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