December 2011

First, let me expel some misconceptions concerning Salvation because deception is everywhere today. That's why Yahweh inspired the Holy Prophets to write that in the Last Days I (Yahweh) will establish My House and it will teach My Laws to the Nations. Download as PDF   .Micahyah 4:1-3— 1 But in the Last [...]

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September 2011

  My Dear Friends, There is no future promised in the Holy Inspired Scriptures for those who refuse to keep their Appointments with Yahweh, one of which is the Great Feast of Ingathering (Tabernacles). Read this for yourself in your own bible in both the "Old" and "New" Testaments. Your bible says, and you should [...]

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August 2011

  We suffer much persecution for bringing out these Truths. You will too if you start practicing what the Savior taught and practiced Himself. These Truths are both shocking and provocative. These Truths expose the sins of the world. They are the Truths that, when told by the Two Witnesses, bring hatred, as they brought [...]

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June/July 2011

  My Dear Friends, You need to know what your bible says about the subject of Saint and sinner because your bible shows that deception is all over the world. Deception is Satan's tool, used to lead people away from Yahweh and Salvation. The Holy Prophets, who were inspired to write the Holy Scriptures, without [...]

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May 2011

  My Dear Friends, The Two Witnesses of Revelation Chapter 11 have been found. Prophecies never before understood have been revealed at last, revealing the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11. Interpreters have struggled with the questions, "Who are they? Where are they? When is their Work to begin? What will their names be? How can [...]

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March/April 2011

  My Dear Friends, The Sabbaths given to man by Yahweh are actually the beginning of your opportunity to train for a place in Yahweh's Kingdom. Yahweh created you for that purpose. But that's not all; Yahweh created mankind for the purpose of making them into totally Righteous teachers of total Righteousness like Himself so [...]

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February 2011

My Dear Friends, If you have not read the previous articles concerning the prophesied two brothers, from the same womb, called the Two Witnesses by the Holy Prophets and in Revelation Chapter 11, I urge you to do so. You can get these lessons on MP3/CD or download them from the Internet at [...]

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January 2011

  Download as PDF Because the Prophecies in your bible, which show these future events, have and are proving themselves true by Prophecies that have already come to pass. Fulfilled Prophecy proves that a Higher Being than mankind inspired the Prophecies in your bible. No man has the capability to foretell the future. [...]

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