February 2014

  This whole world needs to wake up to some Scriptural facts about what the catholic pope and vatican are trying to do to you and your children, and you need to stand strong on the Inspired Scriptures. Yahweh created mankind for the purpose of giving him great Authority in His Kingdom. A mountain of [...]

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December 2014

I know and you know that pretense exists in each person. It exists in your preachers and priests also. The ‘whys’ of your prayers not being heard by the Creator and the ‘hows’ that you must face up to in order to bring changes in your contact with the Creator are revealed in this letter. [...]

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October 2014

My Dear Friends, Bringing peace to this world can and will be done. But it will most definitely separate the men from the boys, or the religious imposters from those who truly follow the Words of the Savior, Yahshua Messiah. We see the end time Prophecies that show this world, all nations are going down. [...]

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September 2014

    Have you noticed that everyone in the world is sick now? It’s true! Every child is born with one or more, even many, birth defects. Many of these defects are deadly. Children are dying at a very young age, even at birth. Genetics, Birth Disorders and Pregnancy By Bonnie Osborne DISORDERS Spina Bifida This [...]

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August 2014

BETHLEHEM, West Bank – Pope Francis plunged Sunday into Mideast politics during his Holy Land pilgrimage, calling the current stalemate in peace efforts “unacceptable” and winning the acceptance from the Israeli and Palestinian presidents to pay a symbolic visit to the Vatican next month to pray for peace.   At the end of Mass in [...]

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July 2014

My Dear Friends, There is already news of the persecution of what the world calls Jews, those who celebrate the Fourth Commandment on the Seventh Day of each week. Jew is a false word. It was invented to hide who the roman catholic church hates and has tried to rid the world of for many [...]

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June 2014

Before Ivan Lopez allegedly killed himself, three others, and wounded sixteen, he used the very words of Cain, found in the fourth chapter of Genesis, to describe his years of agony, which normally precedes murder. Notice, from The Book of Yahweh, Yahweh’s Words to Cain before his rampage and murder of Abel, a Righteous Priest [...]

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May 2014

  People, in this prophesied, present generation, think little or nothing of what is called the Holy Scriptures. Yet, only in those Scriptures is the Way to Eternal Life shown. Not only is Eternal Life shown, but also the way to Peace, Abundant Joy, Healthy minds and bodies, and Abundant Living. In these Inspired Scriptures, [...]

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March 2014

  My Dear Friends, Yahweh’s Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread is tentatively scheduled for April 15-21, 2014. Yahshua’s Memorial is scheduled for April 13, 2014 at sunset. Therefore, you will need to be at Yahweh’s Last Days’ established House before sunset on Sunday, April 13, 2014. But come early and join us for the [...]

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January 2014

  Yisrayl Hawkins says… baal worshippers have many houses; Yahweh worshippers have only ONE In every generation, the prophets/priests of baal were many, while the Prophets/Priests of Yahweh were always few. In the days of Yliyah, the Prophet of Yahweh, we see a great lesson taught for this last generation when Salvation is once again [...]

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